• Good Q. True wisdom is based on the ability to take ones own experience, and the apply that experience to universal situations.
  • G'day VS, Thank you for your question. It is relative to your own experience but it can be judiciously passed on to others. Regards
  • I don't know anything that is universal..everything is relative..truth, wisdom, ideals, perfection...we experience life differently according to our personality, intellect, understanding, societal values which vary from time to time and place to place..what is "wise" in one culture may be abhorrent to another! :)
  • Since wisdom resides within the individual, it cannot really be universally applicable. Wisdom is the capacity to realize what is of value in life for oneself and others, wisdom thus including knowledge and technological know-how.
  • It is gained from one's own experience of learning, doing, seeing, hearing, etc. The sum total of what is taken in by the individual and then applied to the city, state, country, world based on the total. Most people never really apply further than their own situation. Their 'wisdom' fits only themselves and those like them. Think of groups that are that way. I'm sure you can think of many examples. Only a few gain true wisdom. They can range in average intelligence to genius. They, however, can take the total sum of knowledge and properly process it to the world and even the universe on the whole. I don't know if we even have a person of promanace like that alive today. Just some thinkers, teachers and usual people.
  • I think more on your own experiences.
  • I love your question..All I can say is life does give you experience and lessons. I hate to sound reduntant but honestly this is just a big school for all us fools.

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