• Sorry, I can't find the logic. Constant chores and no play time is not the same as giving your child age-appropriate chores. Chores teach children responsibility and instill a sense of belonging and being needed. (I still can't give you points...sorry, will try again tomorrow.)
  • I cannot explain why anyone would do such a terrible thing to a child as to deny him or her the good feelings that go along with a sense of accomplishment for a job well done. Not to mention the feeling of belonging and cooperation one develops in a family where he or she knows they are contributing to the quality of life enjoyed by their family and the cooperation skills to work together. Chores that are appropriate and balanced with play are crucial to the development of character.
  • You can't make sense out of nonsense.
  • I'd give them some chores, but they should be able to play a while also. It's not a good idea to treat your children like little adults.
  • Being a child should be fun some of the time, but fun all of the time spoils them. If they do no chores as a child, how can they expect to get anything done as an adult?
  • Where did you get this phrase from please? its really weird because my late mother used to say this, and apparently her mother before her, thats why she never made any of us four kids do anything. She would say, you'll do enough of that when you grow up :)
  • Well, I grew up with my mother doing everything around the house. I never did any chores or cleaned or laundry or pick up anything for as long as I lived home but I am an adult now with a couple of kids of my own and I do chores and I am a responsible person. I do know how to operate a vacuum cleaner or washer/dryer, etc. because I learned from "watching" my mother. AND she was a great mother and a strong person. So everyone's theory about a child being spoiled (which I can only wish what that's like) or low self-confidence or a mother doing a terrible thing does not apply to me. However, I do have chores for my own kids because I believe this to be a different time and place/situation. My mother was able to stay home (and she couldn't speak English well so she didn't have any social life after leaving Japan but I do believe this was her choice) and she really enjoyed taking care of the kids/home/family. The statement in your question alone doesn't make any sense to me neither because my mother didn't have me do chores because she wanted me to have fun, she just didn't have me do chores because she felt it was her job to take care of her home and it was my job to do well in school and grow up in a healthy manner and learn about life.
  • it isnt. ya theyre kids but kids grow up and if you just treat them like a lil kid with zero responsibilities until there 18 then there not even gonne be able to function as a mature adult in society. the person who wrote that must want there kids to like them too much. ya thge kids might not like it but the seriously NEED it
  • That logic makes no sense to me either. Yes, childhood should be fun, that is when you are a kid, but childhood is also a training ground for the adult life you are going to have.
  • I think that part of being a child is learning about how to become a responsible adult and children need to learn that life isn't just about having fun. Sometimes there are things that aren't fun that you have to do. Having a few chores makes them more responsible, and teaches them to be hard workers rather then lazy. It's also rewarding to feel like you did something constructive in the day, even as a child.
  • It should be fun, but children need structure and order in their lives. And this comes through chores and homework, routines, and learning and performing good behavior. If their lives are filled with fun all the time, they become bored, undisciplined, and unruly. And unruly children grow up to be unruly adults, spoiling life for everyone who has to deal with them.
  • Of course childhood should be fun but chores can be fun. When my son was tiny I made cleaning up his toys and room a game. Later on as he got more things to do it was not just to make him work and feel needed and part of the family but it was also to help teach him the skills he would need when he moved out on his own. He is 21 now and has been living away form home for almost a year and doing great. I must add out of the many nephews I have my son is the only one who left home and managed to make a go of it the first time, his cousins all returned home several times.
  • I don't totally agree. In our house; the number one job for my kids is to learn. When they start school, they will be told to do their best. Education comes first, then they are responsable for picking up after themselves. As a parent it is my responsablity to provide a clean safe home. Then again my kids are pre-schoolers, so..............
  • My mom used to say that all the time. She didn't believe in giving my brothers or I chores so the boys didn't do them. She was also a working woman who couldn't spend much time doing the chores that needed to be done, so I ended up doing them anyways. I kind of understand the statement because growing up taking care of myself and my brothers I look back and wish I had time to just be a kid.
  • Makes sense if your a child yo...:)
  • Sugar "get's it"...mans man is right, my original answer WAS better...thanks everyone...!

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