• Yes. I've already had to cut down several, and I have four others that need to be removed.
  • No, the tallest trees are far enough from the house they wouldn't actually come through the roof. Those planted closer are shorter and more decorative than dangerous.
  • I am very careful when planting trees, it depends on the full growth size and roots if side or down growing. I simply detest to sacrifice trees due to carelessness. I have never had this problem. Regards.
  • No, but I am planning on planting some lilac bushes near a few windows. I was actually wondering how far from the house I should plant them.
  • I wish we had only planted dwarf trees. We have some very beautiful flowering trees but their roots invade the sewage pipes so we have to have them roto-rootered twice a year. The trees aren't even near the house. But they are a spectacular sight in spring--purple jacarandas, magnolias, and the profuse pink blossoms of black locust trees.
  • No, for we onced tried to plant a christmas tree in our back yard or front yard, but obviously, I will never get a green thumb heirloom!
  • We had to kill a huge rubber tree that the previous owners had planted 6 feet from the house. If they had taken a little time to plan where to put a potentially giant tree, it would still be alive and beautiful. Now we live in a condo, so no, I'm not worried about any tree...
  • I don't really worry about that but I do keep an eye on them. My yard maintenance guy just trimmed them all back from my house for about $100. I had a tree service lollipop my Dutch elm and do a lot of other tree maintenance. That was 2 years ago and it cost $2,000.
  • There's only one tree close to my house. It's not a problem at all. The landscapers would trim it if needed.
  • Um yes... Like a fool, I bought a very pretty "shrub" and planted it right outside the front door - I later found out it's a member of the Elder family and is actually a tree! However, I am keeping it trimmed and I'm 'training' it to grow low, so it should be OK, as long as the roots don't undermine the foundations. It is lovely with purple foliage and pink flowers, but the flowers stink of cat's pee, so it's not a welcome addition really! Maybe I should just move it to the back of the garden with its green-and-black cousins!
  • If roots from a tree can rip up side walks and road ways, just think what it can do to a foundation of a house.
  • no cause i dont have a house

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