• Yes it is normal for a newborn to sleep an awful lot. The baby is only 2 days old and this is a new environment for him or her. It is not necessary for you to wake the baby to eat. You will know when the baby is ready to eat. However, if you continue to wake the baby up, you will not recognize when the baby is trying to tell you it is ready for a feeding. With that said, let the baby chill and get use to it surrounds. It's appetite will "kick in" soon enough.
  • My second daughter did the same thing. It only became an issue once my milk came in! She slept on average 15-20 hours a day for the first month and a half. Now, she's a happy, healthy 5.5 month old who is on a fantastic sleeping schedule! Think of these long sleeping hours as a blessing, you can lay down and nap while she's sleeping. Childbirth takes a lot out of both of you and you'll need to save your strength for the long nights to come!
  • yes it is ok but if you are tring to keep the baby on a time line then try changing its diper to wake it up to eat
  • Monitor her feeding. If she is producing a stool all is probably going well. It is normal for both mother and child to rest a lot after birth. Call your pediatrician if you see weakness, no stool or a cluster of signs of failure to thrive. But, I think you can relax, all my kids slept almost constantly the first week.
  • I am the parent of two girls. They did the same thing... Our Dr. informed us to wake them for feedings for the first few months...The Dr. also informed us that this was normal. As you breast feed and your milk comes in the time in between feeding will increase and so will your sleep. Plus your breast will tell you when to feed after a while. Good luck. ps don't put anything cold on the child to wake them because we were taught this will cause the child's blood suger to drop quickly...
  • Damn be happy, I WISH my son SLEPT for more than 2 hours and he's almost 1!!
  • thats totally normal there is times when she will fall asleep while feeding u should see a big change when there a month slowly they will start sleeping less
  • A breast fed newborn baby should be woken up every 2 to 3 hours for feedings. Ask any ped doctor or OBGYN they will tell you. No new born should go more than three hours without feeding.
  • It's normal for a newborn to sleep up to 18 hours a day. She'll wake up when she's hungry. As long as she's filling her diaper, I wouldn't be too concerned.
  • our baby was born 2 months early. Now he's finally at his due date and he is sleeping more than ever. We have to wake him up to feed him and when we do he acts really hungry but falls asleep while breastfeeding. Anyone have similar experiences? Want to make sure he's not sleeping too much.
  • This is very normal for the first few days newborns tend to be sleepy and don't wake much on thier own. Congratulations by the way and good for you for breastfeeding. Here are some helpful links. Http:// Http:// Http://
  • yes mine did the same, just wake her to feed every 3 hours and has wet diapers. then she's okay.
  • if it's going past 4 hours without a feeding,by all means wake the baby up and feed him/or her.
  • Your baby should be nursing at least 8-12 times a day. How long she sleeps isn't really relevant unless she isn't getting fed enough. Let sleeping babies lie, I always say! If your total number of wet diapers is at least 8-12, and you're nursing at least 8-12, everything's good!
  • It is very normal for your newborn to sleep all the time because they are growing rapidly right now.You should proubably wake your baby up every 3 to 4 hours to feed if he/she is not already awake.
  • They are doing one of the 3 things they do at that age... eat, sleep and poop... they cry in between. It is normal, she'll wake up when she wants to eat, but sleeping that long is harder on mom (who probably is still regulating her milk production so she feels the pressure in her breasts and wants to feed) than the baby. As long as she is eating when she's awake and having regular movements (at that age, they are hardly movements, more like squirts) she will be alright. Scheduled sleeping and eating comes later. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BABY GIRL!!!
  • Its normal for newborns to sleep long hours, when they're hungry, they let you know. As long as your child gets enough milk, you shouldn't worry about it.
  • LOL!!! Don't worry in about a month you will wish she still slept like that!!! That's very normal of a two day old. Don't worry it's absolulty fine! Take advantage of it now!!! Good Luck and congradulations!!! :)
  • The first month or two babies sleep like ALL day, but you do have to wake her up at times to feed her.
  • Dont worrie, the hell that you hear from other parents about there child not sleeping, is yet to come, wait a few months.
  • Yes, newborns have no since of time, the doctors recomend that you wake baby for feedings because they will sleep through it.
  • Yes it normal and you should never wake a baby just to feed it. They will wake when they are hungry
  • Yes it's normal. My daughter did the same thing. I woke her for feedings also if she didn't wake, but if she was sleeping and passed the 2-3 between feeding mark I didn't wake her until it got to be 4-5 hours since last feeding. I heard it helps them learn longer sleeping patterns and it seemed to work becasue she sleeps straight through the night for about 9 hours or so at a time and she is only 3 1/2 months now. she has been sleeping that way since she was about 1 1/2 months old. Actually ever since we started her on formula. I couldn't ask for a better sleeper. Make sure her environment is consistent as well. Keep it light during the day and dark at night. Helps them learn day/night when to sleep and when to be awake.
  • Yes it's normal for newborns to sleep a lot, yes in sence they are boring blobs, but this will not last for long. Unless your baby is premature and the doctor gave you specific direction to put the baby on a feeding schedule, than you really shouldnt.
  • It is totally normal. When babies are that young they do need to be woken up so they can eat. When I had my son, when we were in the hospital and I was breast feding him I had to wake him up to eat and when I got home I had to do the same thing. Like I said it is toatlly normal.
  • probably, youd be sleeping all the time too if you were just born

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