• Who's Kakaru?
  • i havent seen sailor moon yet, but i do know for a fact that it has been made dubbed in english
  • The first 4 series were dubbed into english, but for some reason they decided not to dub the final series, sailor stars.
  • Luna and Artemis are a couple. They even have child together - Diana. Kakeru Oozora is actually from one of the Sailor Moon S, one of the Sailor Moon movies. She's not exactly in love with him, but she does have a huge crush. He saved her from being hit by a car, and he took her in from the cold. Later Super Sailor Moon wishes that Luna would turn into the Princess Kaguya he had dreamed of, but Luna realizes that he really loves his girlfriend Himeko, and that she loves Artemis, so she tells him to be with Himeko.

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