• Nowhere worth playing. You should probably readjust your priorities and get your little ass in school. You should look at football as a recreational sport you enjoy to play, not your priority. An education will take you much farther than football will. Trust me.
  • NO football to some people just is not just a sport, ok im sorry that you probably never played football, its a lyfestyle. Ok now you can look up on the internet and play semi pro football in your area en you turn 18 you get paid for playing something that you love, like in louisville KY you can play for the louisville bulls witch the get paid 400 doll. a game, yeah. but the neg. is that if you do play semi pro then you cannot play college it sucks but thats life.
  • Actually, check with your community rec center, YMCA, Boy/Girls club & so forth. Depending on where you live, there are often organized recreational football teams. I might suggest rugby as an alternate sport. I can't tell if you have quit school or graduated H.S., but if you have your diploma or G.E.D. maybe you can continue your education and get on a school team. It's a start.

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