• RUN as fast as you can!!!! You and your husband need to be on your own. It is not healthy to have a 3rd person involved in the marriage. Even if you and your mother in law are best of friends, living together can't be good for any marriage.
  • Basically You try patience .Let not any outside forces(namely mil) effect u. if u run out of it talk to ur husband abt what u expect of him.if that doent work out ,ask him what he wants u to do....If that also doent work out talk to her n ur fil...about how they hurt u ....AND if that doesn't work out and If you arrive at a solution let us know .I am in the same boat as u .
  • Why should he "stand up to his mother?" What are the issues? You haven't given us enough information.
  • I think its time to get your own place & your own space. I could never live with my mother n law nor would I want to. I do things differently & like to do so without someone trying to guide me or tell me what I should or shouldn't be doing. Plus I like having my own place to decorate & keep a home. I could see it for a couple of months if you have to fincially but after that time to save up & get your own place because in laws always try to interfere in their own way especially when your in their home they think you need to live by their rules & as long as you are dependent on them you will.
  • I used to live with both my In-laws but I had the support of my husband and his mom was the sweetest woman. My FIL was another story. I took it for about 2 months and we left to live in a tent camper on a bare piece of property with no power or water:-) But we were much happier! I think that husband support is crucial for this to work. Does he understand how hard it is for you? OR does he just not care? It's hard to stand up to your mom when you live under her roof. It's not his household, even if he is married. I would get out of there as soon as possible, doing whatever it takes.
  • I lived across the driveway from my mother in law for my first year and a half of marriage. She and I went out to have fun more times than I went out with her son. We were pals that went shopping and to the laundrymat together. When she moved away, I missed her. She lives about 100 miles north from me and I try to call her up every week. She is a lot more sensible and more coherant than my own mother is who lives two towns over.
  • Not just no, but no friggin way. My wife and I see her Mother about once a year for about a week. That is more than either of us can handle. Father-in-Law on the other hand, he is welcome to move in if he ever wants to. My Wife feels the other way about my Mom. She thinks my Mom is the sweetest person in the world and has told me she can move out here and move in if she ever needs to. And I agree, my Mom is one of those sweet people. For Christmas, she made us quilts.
  • Visit my blog, She moved in with my husband and I after we were married only four months. It's been a nightmare, but I'm learning how to deal with it.
  • If you just tried treating her like a friend or like a mom to you lol just TRY really I noticed it would help! when you treat her nicely as much as you can even if she treated you like crap! just agree with anything she says whatever it was wrong or right! believe me, she'll ADORE u!! she'll realize later that she was the wrong 1 in the first place..and that you're being really nice so why would she crap in! lol I really wish you a good luck girl ^_^
  • i havnt experianced this situation but i know if i was in it i would be reaching for the vodka. i couldnt live with my mother in law
  • Live with my in-laws and now I am verrrrrryyyyyyy happily divorced from all of that family!!! It will 99.9% of the time cause more problems than help. RUN FAST, REALLY REALLY FAST!!!
  • It is hard to advice people on such sensitive matters when one you know the both the side of the story. Believe in discussing your issues with the person. If you don't tell the person how you feel how would that person know what the problem. Everyone deserves a chance:)
  • I don't live with my MIL, but I can tell you that there are battles that are worth fighting and some that aren't. I wouldn't wager a guess as to which is which for you. One thing that is hard is that we think that since our spouse chose us they should always side with us. It is sometimes hard to remember that their parents helped them become who they are and it is not always easy to side against them if they don't feel strongly about something even when you do.
  • gurl just fuck the oldbag and call it a day..that's what the mother-in-laws want

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