• hey. been there. I'm pretty young, not quite out of the teens. Please please email me. no, i'm not a internet predator creep. Same thing happened with me, and it was difficult to deal with. I don't want anyone else to have to go through that. Please talk with me - I can sorta be a place where you 'let off steam' and talk. K? Sorry that things suck right now! *hug*
  • I was in the same boat at your age, except my mom cried and tried to guilt-trip me into not doing it anymore: which just made me feel worse, so I did it more. Parents. I lived in abject misery until I finally told a counselor I was seeing (for something totally unrelated) that if I went home that day I was going to kill myself. I wound up spending two weeks in the hospital. I don't recommend that! ^_^ But if there's a teacher or counselor at your school who you're comfortable with and who you trust, they would be the next-best person to go to. {long-distance hugs} I hope things get better for you, sweetie. I've got my appendages crossed for you.
  • The only thing that concerns me is you say you need help, yet you were not doing anything to get that help, until they found out, it doesnt sound to me like you really think you need help. Or maybe you think you can control it. Do they just randomly get up and start yelling at you, or are you causing the fights, so that you have a reason to cut on yourself again. Just food for thought.
  • It is possible that your parents are yelling because they are afraid and don't know what to do. It is a pretty helpless feeling when someone you love is hurting and you don't know what to do. Therefore they yell at you instead of trying to help. I am not saying that it's right for them to do that just that sometimes when you know why someone is doing something it is easier to understand. If your parents are unable or unwilling to help you get some help then I would talk to other adults. If you go to church you could try the pastor. If there is a teacher or guidance counselor you trust you can talk to them. If you are close to one of your friend's parents you can try them as well. Depending on where you live you can see if there is a referal service in your area called 211 first call for help. Try putting "first call for help" + the name of your city in google or yahoo. Make sure you put the quotation marks around first call for help. You may have to speak to more than one person. Most people do not understand self injury but pls. don't give up. Keep looking for help until you find it. I know from experience how hard it is to ask for help. I also know what it is like to be put down after you ask for help. Please don't give up and even though you may not believe it you do deserve better than this. Cutting can become an addiction and is very hard to stop once this happens so please get yourself some help.
  • For some reason my comments aren't working but I just want to say thank you to all of you
  • ROCKSTARR; Are you doing it Safely? When I was young and started bondage (yes- 14) I had a friend that was into it too and we grew together expanding our interests and kept Safe. I told my dad when I was 16 and he surprised me by taking me to a BDSM Club and taught me the safe way. Tell me more about your experiences...phil
    • mushroom
      BAD advice. Finding others who cut themselves is only going to give more comfort to keep doing it. If you don't feel comfortable talking to a teacher or school counselor, go to your regular doctor. You might even write a note to bring with you, if you feel you might not say it outright. Please go to a professional.

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