• exercise, start walking or jogging
  • exercise
  • eating bananas does that.. so stuff them into you ;) and yeah, exercise, after some fairly intense exercise, the type that tires you out, you get this kind of happy relaxed feeling afterwards
  • Getting out in the sunshine. A doctor recommended this to a person I know that was suffering with depression. That's why those lamps that mimic natural light are so useful in treating people with depression or mood disorders.
  • A good massage does.
  • i remembered another thing, laughing releases serotonin..
  • extreme sports sky dive will give you a high, X will shrink your genitals
  • You can eat anything that contains a lot of tryptophan (such as ham, turkey, or chiken) because tryptophan converts into serotonin in the body .
  • i just saw your other question, well food high in carbs release it, so i suppose potatos and bread, rice pasta etc.. also sweets release serotonin but you shouldnt eat too many. lol i sound like my mum :)
  • to the guy who mentions ecstasy "shrinking genitals", she is a girl so i dont think she is too worried about that haha :) :)
  • chocolate and aerobic exercise
  • Antidepressants, that’s what there made to do, they block the re-uptake of seratonin into the nerves, thereby increasing the concentration of seratonin in the brain.
  • Absolutely the class of drugs to investigate are SSRI's. Selective Seratonin Re Uptake Inhibitors. There are also foods that I see you have already been introduced to. Check the health food store as well. I take Lexapro, I've found that it really helps me. Different things work for different people. Try expressing your desire to your Dr.. Do research on SSRI's before speaking to your physician, they tend to be more inclined to help you when they see that you have made some effort of your own. Speak to him about diet, vitamin supplements, and changes in your lifestyle that could potentially all work to your advantage. Good Luck to you and heres wishing you all the quality of life you seek.PS XTC does not increase your seratonin.

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