• Kill them with kindness.
    • Archie Bunker
      Feeding the crocodile is not going to make him less likely to eat you.
  • I'm not a lawyer or anything, but as long as you are not distributing on social media with the intent to shame or embarrass, selling it without legal consent, or has adult content.....why not. Record it and show a teacher, counselor, or principle
  • You might not be able to, i would just turn them in for that.
  • Put the fear of God into them. Not that I'm condoning violence, but I'd slap the shit out of them.
  • Is there no supervision in the area? Are your siblings jr. high students as well? Have you reported this situation to your teachers or counselor? Are phones allowed at your school? Would it be breaking the rules of the school to record on the property? I'd take it to my homeroom teacher first and ask them to whom you should report the incident, unless there is obviously someone supervising the area, then I'd take it to them. Its always good to have an adult witness to anything that happens. Confronting them physically may escalate the situation. They sound like bullies to me. Are they picking on anyone else?

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