• 17 UK number 1 hits - I believe: Apr-63 From Me To You Aug-63 She Loves You Dec-63 I Want To Hold Your Hand Mar-64 Can't Buy Me Love Jul-64 A Hard Day's Night Dec-64 I Feel Fine Apr-65 Ticket To Ride Jul-65 Help! Dec-65 Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out Jun-66 Paperback Writer Aug-66 Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby Jul-67 All You Need Is Love Nov-67 Hello Goodbye Mar-68 Lady Madonna Sep-68 Hey Jude Apr-69 Get Back Jun-69 Ballad Of John And Yoko
  • The Beatles had 21 songs hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, which gives them the record for the most # 1 hits in the rock era. Love Me Do # 1 for one week She Loves You # 1 for two weeks I Want To Hold Your Hand # 1 for seven weeks Can't Buy Me Love # 1 for five weeks A Hard Days Night # 1 for two weeks I Feel Fine # 1 for three weeks Eight Days A Week # 1 for two weeks Ticket To Ride # 1 for one week Help! # 1 for three weeks Yesterday # 1 for four weeks We Can Work It Out # 1 for three weeks Paperback Writer # 1 for two weeks Penny Lane # 1 for one week All You Need Is Love # 1 for one week Hello, Goodbye # 1 for three weeks Hey Jude # 1 for nine weeks Get Back # 1 for five weeks Something # 1 for one week Come Together # 1 for one week Let It Be # 1 for two weeks The Long And Winding Road # 1 for two weeks In response to Liz Lackey's claim that because Come Together/Something was a double A side #1 they, the Beatles only had 20 #1 hits. Billboard magazine, which is where I got my information is regarded as the industry standard when it comes to such things, as they have been keeping charts of the music hits of the day for over 60 years, and they, Billboard say that the Beatles have 21 #1 hits and they, Billboard count Come Together/Something as two seperate entities. And this isn't some pro-Beatles bias, Billboard did the exact same thing with regards to some of Elvis Presleys songs. As for "For You Blue", it never came anywhere near the Top 10. As I said previously, my information comes from Billboard Magazine which is considered the industry standard when it comes to music charts and records.
  • From Me To You, Can't Buy Me Love, Day Tripper, Yellow Submarine, Eleanor Rigby, Strawberry Fields Forever, Lady Madonna,
  • The Beatles actually had 27 songs that made it to the number one spot on the American Charts.... they have a cd out called 1, which is all of the songs that made it to the top spot. You will see that when one of their songs did make it to number one, it was only on there for a few weeks... this is because it was knocked from the spot by a new Beatles song. Understand one thing.... The Beatles made records which were sold in America for a very short time.... 1964 - 1970.. right at six years.... which means they were able to average over four number one songs a year, that is not only amazing, but will NEVER be done again.
  • All depends on what "number 1" means. Billboard (US) is 21. World wide is actually 27. The album "1" has them all. Buy it. Then when someone asks you this question again, just hand them the CD (or your media player of choice). Ugh, The Gorilla. 01 Love Me Do 02 From Me To You 03 She Loves You 04 I Want To Hold Your Hand 05 Can't Buy Me Love 06 A Hard Day's Night 07 I Feel Fine 08 Eight Days A Week 09 Ticket To Ride 10Help! 11 Yesterday 12 Day Tripper 13 We Can Work It Out 14 Paperback Writer 15 Yellow Submarine 16 Eleanor Rigby 17 Penny Lane 18 All You Need Is Love 19 Hello, Goodbye 20 Lady Madonna 21 Hey Jude 22 Get Back 23 The Ballad Of John And Yoko 24 Something 25 Come Together 26 Let It Be 27 The Long And Winding Road

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