• Maybe a little sweater or something they can wear? I'm not sure of your skills, but I can't even knit a blanket! I always wanted to learn, we have knitting classes where I live, but I have arthritis and my hands lock up.
  • well this isn't terribly modern but you could make an outfit for the baby like a hat and socks and whatever else you feel is needed...
  • I think a blanket is great. but other ideas would be a hat or socks.
  • I would say bootys and maybe a little hat to wear home from the hospital
  • there are ptterns for little knitted teddy bears that you can get now.
  • pillowcases for little baby pillows?
  • I think I can help with that question, how about a diaper/pamper holder(it has a hanger on the top to hold it up and a slit in the front to pampers in and kind of have a triangle shape. have you seen them before?, that should look really cute and diferent from what you usually crochet.
  • I once came across a crochet pattern for baby booties imitating lots of different shoes, i.e. roller skates, cowboy boots, etc. Check this out:
  • I am thinking if you could create a magical potion that would allow the parents to sleep some, you would forever be thier hero. Other than that, a blanket is ideal because they can use it for lots of things.
  • You could crochet, a bib, after bath robe with hoodie, cotton lining, Beeny hats, a cover for the neck pillows they have out now. Scroll down till you get to this, "Tantalize Your Baby with Crochet!"
  • I love "new and different" also, but anything hand made is SO SPECIAL. I would hope that the receiver of your hand knitted gift appreciates it no matter what it is...IT IS ONE OF A KIND AND it is part of YOU..BE PROUD!!!!! ;)
  • i think a blanket is pretty good
  • Just last Christmas I crocheted a gift set that included a blanket, hat and booties. Then I made a bag for them all to fit in. You can find tutorials on youtube. That's how I learned how to make the booties! But I've also seen what they call a lovey. Here is an idea of what I'm talking about:

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