• as hard as it is you just have to fin the things you like most about yourself, focus on them, and love them.
  • i actually took a class on how to improve your self esteem and self confidence - it make me feel better
  • I sometimes think I actually have too much confidence but I got mine the hard way, No matter what happened to me (and some of it was really bad)m I never fell down or stopped and now I know that I can make it thru anything...This thought process makes me annoying as h*** sometimes LOL
  • (I know I'm going to get down-rated for this, but this is what I believe and I'm not ashamed) I don't have self-confidence, though people who don't know me think I do. No, I'm not insecure either. Let me explain. My confidence comes from somewhere outside of myself--from God. Without Him, I am nothing. I used to be insecure, but I realized that being insecure was another way of saying that what God did in me, how He made me, wasn't enough. In His eyes, I am perfect. With His help, I can do anything. What do I need to be insecure about, with Him on my side? Nothing. So I have confidence that God can and will use me; that is where my confidence is from.
  • Yes ....... I believe that self confidence and knowledge are correlated. For example, when you finally learn that what other people think about you isn't nearly as important as what you think about yourself, your self confidence will be raised immediately.
  • More now than when I was younger, but I believe its a learning process and something a person acquires as they grow older and goes though life's experiences. and as Estelle said if you have God on your side and in your life then with his help you can do most anything
  • i gained my self confidence from the flattery of others. it began when i was 14. that was when i started dancing. and one of the seniors flattered me, a better term would be praised. so i continued dancing and gained the confidence, skill, authority and respect of my fellow dancers and schoolmates. and also, one important tip in dancing is to appear confident. so if ever you'd take a shot at dancing. just appear confident and it would work out fine. ^^
  • I have a fair amount of self confidance. It comes from years of life experience and getting to a point that I truely understand Carpe Diem.
  • To acquire self confidence.. man must dare to take on fear.. Believe in yourself and push off… do that and you will be set for life.
  • Taking risks. From surviving the failures and successes of those risks. Not allowing others to judge, stereotype or make decisions for me. Looking for my own answers and beliefs. Develop a surety that you can survive the very difficult times, and that the very good times still should not change who you are. It took me time to develop this, but there is almost nothing in this world I regret because of it. :)
  • I think your confidence in yourself stems from your successes and failures in life. If you are successful, you'll have more confidence in your abilities than if you're not. I don't think that your confidence in yourself or your abilities carries on through all facets of your life, however. Just because you're good at one thing, it will not mean that you'll feel confidence in something else. For example, some people are book smart, but they can't play sports. And while they feel confident about themselves when they're taking exams, if they're asked to dribble a basketball, they may feel very insecure about themselves.
  • Traded in all my pusillanimity for it! ;-)
  • Yes. For me, self-confidence came from living - going through different experiences, good and bad. There's no reason not to have confidence in yourself, when you think about it. Anything to the contrary is an illusion.
  • Touchy subject in this day of "self-esteem!" True confidence in one's self comes from a growing number of small successes at things life throws at you. I have self-confidence because I have been in combat, jumped out of airplanes, graduated from college and graduate school, been a personnel manager for two of the largest corporations on the planet, fathered children, etc. Give yourself time, find what you do best, make yourself into the best "you" you can be, and confidence ... TRUE confidence will come.

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