• No. She has the right to set her criteria regarding a graduation gift. She'll probably give in and give you one anyway! I didn't go when I got my masters degree.
  • Tell her, "You almost talked me into it, but since you said THAT, I certainly will not go!". You can survive without her gift.
  • I think it is petty of her to threaten to not give a gift if you don't go to the ceremony. I also think you are depriving your family of a celebration they would enjoy.
  • No not really parents and grandparents get a big charge out of watching these things. they live for the proud moments of watching their children and grand children be honored. You really should go if not for yourself but for them. How many more events will they get to share with you.
  • It is a rite of passage. The end of an accomplishment and the beginning of your new life..I can understand your grandmothers point of view! She must feel you should be proud and finish what you've accomplished. So many kids don't want to go. Maybe it is for the parents, grandparents,etc that got you through. Think it over for your Grandmother, not for the gift, but for a reason she may have for needing to see you finish what you started:) Good luck.
  • you should just do it for them. they are proud of you and they want to celebrate your accomplishments and takephotos and all that good stuff. she's your grandma, you should just do it for her. would it kill you to go? its only one day and your just sitting there for a cpl hrs.
  • My husband didn't go to his college graduation because of certain circumstances. He doesn't miss it and his family was a little upset, but it was his choice and he made it. I think it's petty for her to say that, and I think she is bluffing. She is probably trying to bully you into it, but you have to think of their feelings also. They have watched you grow up and just want to see you get rewarded for all your hard work. Why don't you want to go? If it wouldn't hurt you and it would make their day I personally would go through the motions anyways. It wouldn't hurt me and it would make them happy, and some day you might be happy you went. It's your decision you should make it..Good luck!
  • I don't believe that it's extreme or unfair, if you can put yourself in her shoes for one moment. Obviously, seeing you graduate and all that you've accomplished so far in life is very important to her and she is so proud of you. Sacrificing what you want and giving someone that loves you so much what she wants is part of maturity and who knows how long your grandmother will be around. Forget the gift, how important is your grandmother's happiness to you? I really do not feel that she is asking for much.
  • Eehhh... I understand where you're coming from, but you need to also realize that this isn't just about you and your decisions. It would probably make your family extremely happy and proud to see you go to the ceremony, take pictures of you getting your diploma, all that jazz. I say just bite the bullet and go through with it. It won't be as bad as you think, and it will be over before you know it. Consider it a big favor to your family, they will appreciate having these memories of you later in life.
  • No I do not. I think that it is rather tough, but understandable. Congratulations on your diploma. Nice work. Now you will miss your graduation, which you seem comfortable with), and so will she. There is the problem. Your decision affects others that you love. What parent or grandparent does NOT want to see their child/grandchild graduate? You will want to see your kids’ graduations. Take a hit here. Do the right thing. Go to your graduation for your grandmother.
  • Ok, you seem to be under the impression that YOUR graduation ceremony is for YOU. haha. I know that it seems silly that the celebration of one of YOUR most important accomplishments isn't really for you, but it isn't. Not entirely at least. Your grandmother is obviously proud of your accomplishment, and she wants to see it celebrated. She wants to take pictures and brag to her friends that she is going to see her grandchild graduate. Your grandmother is probably over reacting, and it's not right of her to make threats, but this day is obviously very important to her. You have to decide what is more important: the reasons that you don't want to go to graduation or pleasing your grandmother. Remember that it IS your decision. This day may only come once, so be sure to make a decision that you aren't going to regret.
  • And why might you not want to go to your graduation? Such a thing, the ceremony, is a very special and honourable time in your life, and you should be there to be a part of it. All these moments are great memories to cherish. What i'm saying is that your grandmother is damn well straight not to give you a graduation gift for you not wanting to go to your own graduation.
  • Just go to the freakin graduation. Who cares? It's 2 hours (at least mine took like 2 hours) of your time. It's clearly important to her.
  • Walking across the stage is a ceremonial issue. It's totally up to you if you don't want to do it. I was under the impression that the graduation gift was given because of the accomplishment of completing high school and moving on to the next phase in your life. Not given just because you have the ability to walk across a stage.
  • Ummm, I can kind of relate. My brother graduates from University this summer and he's not going to his graduation, I am annoyed and so are my parents because it's a big deal, but ultimately he doesn't feel comfortable with the whole ceremony idea. I think its unfair that your Nan refuses to congratulate you with a gift though, I am sure it's just because she wants to see you up on the stage and is hoping that no gift will help to change your mind. Tell her why you don't want to go and ultimatly she will have to accept your choice. Congratualtions on getting your diploma!
  • It's a nice thing to do for someone but if she is holding a gift over your head, I would say I'll attend but dopn't bother with the gift. If for some reason you really don't want to go, then just explain why and say you just can't and you'll pass up the gift, too. I didn't go to mine. Never missed not going. It just wasn't my thing and I didn't want to get all nervous or have to go all the way back to the city. I had already moved on.
  • you should go to graduation and you should go to the prom. are you graduating from high school? they are two important functions you should attend. make yourself go. you will be glad you did. its history and you deserve the recognition.
  • A child graduating is one of the proudest moments in a parents life, to see their child graduate is very important to many parents. My uncle never was able to see his sons graduate and his daughter refused to go to the ceremony, he was real bummed out about it so my brother invited him to his graduation but it was not the same for my uncle as one of his own kids.
  • i didnt go to my prom or graduation last year i was to busy getting the keg cold and the bomb fire bigger. enyways ive regretted not going. personally i think your more likeley to regret not going than going. Plus you get a graduation gift out of it.
  • No, it's not unfair or extreme. Graduation is not just for you, it's for those who care about you. Get over yourself and GO! Sheesh!
  • to be honest youre the one being unfair cause she wants to see you graduate
  • she wants to see you graduate, just think of her for a change and go, and dont disappoint her, its not fair to her

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