• I thought that Eisenhower built the Interstate system to facilitate potential rapid military troop & equiptment movement around the country during the cold war, no? - (BTW: Sorry for the idiot downrating you w/o comment.)
  • False. The US interstate system is strictly military. It is very convenient for commuters but if something were to occur that required its use by the military the military would have priority over its use. Eisenhower took note of the military advantages of the autobahn during WW2. The autobahn was how Hitler was able to conduct his Blitzkrieg war against France, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Czechoslovakia and was vital in supplying German troops fighting in both the east and west. By 1945 the allies used it to supply troops moving rapidly across Germany to Berlin. There were serious allied air attacks on all of the railway systems throughout Europe but no serious damage to the autobahn. I guess Eisenhower and the others might have had a central plan from the beginning.

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