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  • There are lots of forms of this fetish. There is a wide range of fantasy only play, that has some wonderful 2-D, 3-D, and animation art attached to it. You can find a lot of it on There are also air, water, and food expansions, and they are probably obvious. And there are a number of sites online that have art, forums, videos, and other related materials. There are also fetishes for inflations of different parts: breasts, belly and butt are the most common and obvious.
  • Somewhere in my pre-teen years I became captivated with the look of full, pregnant-like bellies; and began "experimentling" with large balloons under my shirt and pants. Then after noticing the female profile of very pregnant models wearing girdles and pantyhose in mail order catalogs, I got a girdle. One night I placed a large punching type balloon between it and my belly and started pumping up the balloon until it was incredibly huge. Needless to say I was really hooked now! Then I became curious about actually trying to inflate my belly; and so one night inserted the pump hose and soon I had my abdomen pumped up rock hard. Now I was even more hooked. Well, rather then ramble on forever, over the years I experimented with using water until today -- some 40+ years later -- I now regulary "fill-up" with 2+ gallons of saline water, creating an incredible very pregnant looking profile. Why do I do it, well I guess it's the incredible rush that I get every time!
  • I have been real belly inflating for a few weeks with no adverse effects. The only difference I noticed is that I can bend over and touch the ground easier. I have tried inflating with a foot pump and a small tire compressor with good results. It would be nice to know from any experienced pumpers when you know when to stop. Is there a point when it is maximum. Finding information about belly inflation from real people has been difficult. It seems most postings are negative and somewhat pointless. I shall buy a fish tank pump this week as most people use it.
  • Yes i did every day.It is very cool.
  • Everyday, I grab the biggest container I can find, fill it up with water, and chug it all down. Last time I did it, I gained 3". I'm shooting for 5.
  • There are websites out there about inflation, and I'm sure there are chats and forums on those sites, if you want to explore this. There's a forum on, too, and someone posted a 'how-to' guide about inflating with air.

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