• all the troll(s) are just jealous of everyone else's success on ab but their petty down rates will do nothing to stop the rest of us
  • Man,the trolls will stop at nothing. +2.
  • Down with trolls!
  • Hah, I wish I could rate you, Jodie. But my answer on that other post went down to Negative Something, and I do not have any points left for you. Where are the points when you neeeeeed them! LOL. I'm going to bed. That is more than enough for one night. See you tomorrow :-)
  • Dam, I am so busted, LOL.
  • I haven't noticed the Troll thing. I feel like I am missing something here!
  • Have you ever wondered if someone pretends to be a troll so everybody will start positrolling and they benefit by the extra points?
  • Thanks Jodie, I thought it was just me getting D.R.
  • Sorry, I couldn't help myself :P *sighs* I guess they will never understand that people MORE than make up for undeserved DRs
  • Payback and I have gone down the list of 9 at present.
  • Jodie Sorry to you and all that you took a big ol hit on this :)
  • It seems they're just jealous of DreAnna's beauty ;)
  • We'll take some action; the COATS are on it :)
  • I may not be able to stop them Jodie, but I did what I could, and plus 6 Sweetheart!!!!!!!
  • As Prime Tap said before me, us COATS are hard at work uprating all of those lovely comments made to congratulate DreAnna!
  • Personally I think it's all the assholes that are trying to do away with the congratulatory questions that are behind the trolling. Dreanna's is not the only one that gets hit. The trolls were out in full force the day Zack Made it to Guru and Auntie Em made it to sage. To those who hate these types of questions so much I say this. Form your own question and answer website where you can dictate what types of questions are and aren't allowed. If you are that sad and pathetic that you have an issue with people being congratulated for their achievments then mybe you need to reconsider remaining a member of this community. Answerbag is more than just a place for asking and answering serious questions. It is a community of friends who can come together and share ideas with each other. As much as I like answering and asking questions it is all the wonderful friends I have made here that keep me coming back to this site time and time again. To those trolls who have serious problems with congratulatory questions or other questions they consider fluff I say get over yourselves. Answerbag is not just bout you and what you like and the quicker you learn that the quicker you will be accepted as a worthy contributing member of this site by many of it's wonderful members. If you can't do that then you seriously need to get a God Damned life. Now that I have said my piece it is off to find Dreanna's question and do some positrolling.
  • I don't think they are after DreAnna personally...there seems to be a lot of folks who hate Congratulations questions...a lot! I've answered some before where everyone got huge DRs. On one, I got -17 in 2 minutes. Why they hate those questions so much, I don't know....jealous, perhaps?
  • Hope things get back the way they were before all this started. Don't understand why things like that take place..............Anyway plus 5 for your question Jodie44..........M.C.S.
  • Great Question Jodie, wish we could have a day of rest, from the DR'ers!!!!!!!

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