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  • Don't drink more...are you ok???
  • You would be depressed but you need to control your feelings especially at work not umight end up with more depression. Take watever that happened as a challenge rather than a problem . Prove to her that u can be ok and u are fine without her. I'm not sure wht really happened and who's fault is it , but if if this is d decision then you would just have to face it. try mixing around and talking to people but pls do not solve your misery by drinking cos its bad for your health only and u are the one who is going to suffer so please take care of yourself.
  • I'd like to know that too! I'm scared out of my wits.
  • If she's the one who broke up with you, realize that she may not be worth your while, and that it's time to move on and find someone else. You can't change how she really feels about you, so don't waste your time and dignity on her. Broken love is not worth sacrificing your self-respect and preservation.
  • When my ex dumped me, even after I got drunk, I still didn't feel good, it just didn't hurt as much. I worked the next day, and between customers, I almost brokedown into tears. It took a couple of weeks, over which the pain slowly got weaker, until I was ok to look to changing my life and moving on. Watch out for drinking too much, it doesn't heal the pain, it just numbs it a bit. It will take time, but you will pull through this.
  • Three step plan: 1)slow don drinking, its a depressent. 2)Better your self or just change something, like shaving your beard or getting a haircut, show your better without her. 3)find yourself a rebound girl or even take an fried of hers out. It'll take your mind off it and youll have fun Guaranteed to work
  • the best tip I can give you is probably; Make sure you're not alone! Have someone around you who you trust to understand you and who will accept that you'll be whining like a small kid for a long while. We all do that when someone breaks up with us, you shouldn't be ashamed of it Edit: well, this is what would have helped for me when my ex broke up with me. Why not tell me WHY you downrated, whoever you are..
  • Put a note for yourself to reread all the questions and answers you've asked tonight, and follow some of the advice. Then do it. ;-)
  • call in sick tomorrow, call a friend to come over and play vidio games, or watch movies or whatever it is you guys do to take your mind of things... :) if its over, she wasnt the right one to begin with... GOOD LUCK!!! and remember, LOTS of water before bed to stop that hangover!!
  • You're allowed to call in sick for a day, but don't do it again. When I got dumped, I forced myself back to work and even took extra hours! My work really helped keep my mind off things. It took time, but slowly the pain became less and less. I also got rid of things that reminded me of him and stayed away from places we used to go. When I got over it, I was able to be normal again :) Remember it's a reeeeealy hard, shitty part of life that happens to everyone. Good luck! You'll get through this!
  • Be glad she was just your girlfriend, and not a wife, or else you would lose half your stuff.
  • drink more to stop the hangover and call in sick from work.
  • Well, you should probably stop drinking #1. #2, don't expect the pain to go away any time soon. In my experience, it takes about 2-3 weeks for that first level of pain to subside, and then another 1-2 weeks for you to stop being depressed over it. It usually takes about half the time you were together to FULLY get over it. That doesn't mean if you were together 5 years it's going to take 2 1/2 years to stop crying about it.... the crying should stop in a few weeks. It will, however, take that time to fully readjust to society, and to be ready for a committed relationship. Good luck bro. Keep yourself busy in the mean time.
  • u will probably feel like dung. Time is the best healer. I think if you believe that you might be able to work it out that it will work out. if you want anything that badly in life, you can have it. xx
  • Just happened to me too. We had a short history (fortunately) and now she wants to be friends. I need to get over the feelings so I can be a friend to her.
  • my Boyfriends answer to you would be "stay drunk" he has said that if we ever break up he will turn into an alcho and just be drunk all the time so he doesnt have to think about it haha so that is him trying to trick me into staying with him (just kidding) make sure you Have people around you who understand what you are going througha dn wont make you feel worse. If your friends liked her and are upset and understanding if why you are upset them spend time with them, but if they hated her and dont understand why you care that you broke up then dont spend time with them for a little while.

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