• having a wife and child wouldn't prove he's not gay. I am still haunted by his voice and have recently seen his NY free concert and noticed 'signs' he's not really a macho man
  • While I am gay and single, nearly every encounter I have had with men was with married men and fathers. In fact the majority of gay men cover the fact by marrying and having families. Most often hiding the fact from their wife.
  • Does it matter??
  • my SO and I just got into an argument about this - so i am out here looking it is - thanks for the wife and child info. It all stemmed from the central park concert too
  • dont know
  • No question he is. I was attending an Art Garfunkel show at Starlight Ampitheater in Kansas City probably a decade ago. It was mid to late summer and I was in decent shape, clad in shorts and frankly, looking pretty good. I was with a good friend of mine who was renting equipment to some of Garfunkel's backup musicians. Anyway, I was standing offstage during the show and during a break, he came over to where I was standing in a circle of about 3-4 others. He grabbed a towel from one of his handlers, then took a step forward and stuck his face right in mine. The lighting was poor, and I simply presumed he was trying to figure out who I was and why I was in such close proximity to the state. No biggie. After the show, I was leaning against my buddy's car which was pulled up behind the stage area of this outdoor venue, waiting for him to retrieve the equipment he'd rented the band. Art Garfunkel comes out of his dressing room, strides past 3-4 aging female groupies each decked-out in full whore attire, and made a beeline straight towards me. He refused to even turn his head to acknowledge these ladies, instead staring daggers into me as he walked straight toward me from a range of 40 yards. As he came within 10 feet of me, and without taking his eyes off of me, he made a sharp turn and boarded his tour bus, clearly demonstrating to me his predeliction for good looking younger men. I felt like a piece of meat.
  • Why do you care? Does it matter?
  • Sure, why not?! Why the hell does it matter? It's not like he's relevant anyway.

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