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  • don't look at me! im still stuck on the first one! :)
  • Im sure you could find all 50 in the Kamasutra. That is if you maent "sexual partner" when you said 'lover' If you mean relationship partner (bf/gf) then there is only one way....not 50. LOVE. All else will follow. Keep this word on your lips and in your heart. peace.
  • Hey Sweet T i havnt got time to list 50! but i think if you show respect, love, compasson, keep yourself looking nice, communicate well and keep em happy in bed, youre winning
  • #37 By letting them go.
  • 50 untried new positions.
  • It shouldn't take that honest, be kind, be accepting, don't be competitive, be a friend and be there. :)
  • Food and creativity.
  • If I need to look for 50 ways to keep him .... Uugghhh ...I'd rather dump him .... :-) !
  • I'd be here all day if I tried to come up with 50. There are basics like trust, caring, consideration, supporting, sacrifice to some extent (but too much is not good), gentleness, respect, etc. Many will just pop up in the course of the day like pitching in with chores and responsibilities, spending time with eachother, communicating with eachother on a personal basis, making them feel desired, caring about what they care about. Lots and lots. Sometimes we may dwell one one bad aspect and don't consider the overall good.
  • I can think of a few... but it requires me to be a dork for a moment: Bake her a cake, Jake Massage her back, Jack Keep her turned on, Don Say she looks great, Nate. LOL, that's all I can think of for now... sorry.
  • Fifty diamond rings.
  • respect, caring, communication, and SEX and more sex!
  • All kinds of hot freaky sex sex sex and oral specially. lol damm its getting hot again. it must be all good
  • You know, I odon't think I know any of them, not having had a lover. That's what I get for @#%* waiting. And I tell you , it's really pissing me off. Seeing all of my friends in " love ", or atleast having someone, and knowing I have never had something like hurts, I tell ya. But better wait, than start kissing the first chick I meet. Where's the sense in that ?
  • Don't play that damned Paul Simon song.
  • Everybody is so wrong with their answers it all depends on what kind of guy/girl that he/she really is, sex is a very important part of a relationship, but it's not enough to keep him,because it's always someone who is out there who can do it a little better than you,so it all depends on the person with those good qualities who is faithful.
  • Not sure if I could list 50, but I can tell you the most important ones to me and mine. Being open and honest. Communication. Loyalty, fidelity and commitment. A great sense of humor and a lot of laughter. The ability to compromise when you have to. Lots of hugs, snuggling and intimate adventure. Being their best, closest friend as well as a lover and partner.
  • (Love, tolerence, help, mutual understanding, rectitudeness)X10= The answer yer after! Bless, Prof. Mes
  • 1. Looking in to their eyes. 2. Understanding 3. Respect 4. Honesty 5. Loyalty 6. Surprises 7. Emotional Support 8. Flowers 9. Gifts that are clearly for them. Something that interests them. 10. Compromise. 11. Massages 12. Chocolate, women love chocolate 13. Compliments 14. Flatery 15. Patience 16. Understanding 17. Willingness to listen 18. Acceptance 19. Hugs....Jesus I'm lame. 20. Good Sex. 21. Great Sex. 22. Awesome Sex. 23. Different Sex. 24. Morning Sex. 25. Afternoon Sex. 26. Night Sex. 27. I don't 28. want 29. to do 30. this 31. anymore. 32. Fifty?! 33. Are you 34. Serious? 35. WTF?! 36. I Want 37. to cry 38. now 39. because 40. I have 41. failed horriably 42. at this 43. task. 44. The rest 45. of this 46. is just 47. to get 48. to fifty. 49. Almost 50. There. There, 50! =D
  • I could buy her 50 new dresses. My wife loves dresses.
  • If you really love your lover there is only one way needed. Really love her/him. Everything else comes from that including the diamond rings (as can be afforded), loyality, concern, respect, communication, sex (mutually agreed upon), honest, kind, all of these adjectives and adverbs.
  • (Note: Feel free to change the word "him" to "her" if that word applies to you better). 1. Meet his needs. 2. Love him for him. 3. Forgive him. 4. Care about him. 5. Trust him. 6. Appreciate him. 7. Don't nag all the time. 8. Don't whine all the time. 9. Don't grumble all the time. 10. Don't blame him for everything. 11. Admit when you're wrong. 12. Don't base your relationship on feelings alone. 13. Talk to him. 14. Enjoy his company. 15. Don't compare him to his friends. 16. Tell the truth. 17. Don't hide things just because you think he won't understand. It's really not a good idea for either of you. 18. Don't complain if you don't have to. 19. Have a good attitude. 20. Be loyal to him. 21. Be his best friend. 22. Be comfortable around him. 23. Go to him first about your problems with him instead of other people and talk it out. 24. It helps if you know you can say something incredibly stupid around him knowing that he will still love you. 25. Don't judge him for what he looks like. 26. Love him even if he gets in an accident. 27. Be there for him. 28. Be his shoulder to cry on, and don't tell other people he cried in front of you if he doesn't want you to. 29. Don't nitpick on his faults. 30. Don't tell the whole world about the problems in your relationship if you don't have to. It's much better to work things out with him instead. 31. Tell him what you like and ask him what he likes. 32. Let him know through your words and your actions that he can tell you anything without feeling embarrassed about it and in a way that he knows that you're not going to go off and tell everyone, including your close friends. 33. Keep his secrets, well, ... secret. 34. Don't tell other people about his insecurities and fears if you don't have to. 35. Show him that you love him. 36. Don't expect him to read your mind all the time. 37. Help him out with things if you can as an excuse to talk to him and enjoy his company. 38. Have sex with him often (if you're married). 39. Understand that he has weaknesses and he is human, just like you. 40. Acknowledge his existance. 41. Listen to his stories, even if you don't think they're interesting, especially if you want him to listen to your stories that he doesn't find interesting. 42. Don't be a hypocrite. 43. Don't lie to him. 44. Don't cheat on him. 45. Don't betray him. 46. Don't accuse him of cheating on you. 47. Don't stir up trouble just because you feel like being a drama queen. 48. Don't break up with him just because your friends think he's ugly or something stupid like that. 49. Don't automatically assume that your friends are right just because you asked them for advice about your boyfriend, especially if they don't even know the whole story. 50. And, well, be with someone who truly loves you as well.
  • No Way I gonna list 50;) But just be faithful and true to your heart;) Spontaneous,Do things out out of your norm and his, Little acts of kindness and sharing the experience go a long way towards happy Days;)
  • Stay away from the bus.......gus Don't make any plans..........stan be real coy.................Roy
  • 50 ways?????? Will one GRANT do for now?.....LOL.......................No the main thing is to do unto them as you would have them do unto you. And always tell the truth. Be there during the good times & the bad. Be kind Hearted with a open mine & always try to have a forgiving Heart........Just my point of view tho. .........................M.C.S.
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  • I think the other answers pretty much cover it; however, I'd like to add one thing. Don't take each other for granted. Recognize that each day is a new opportunity to show and tell your partner how you feel.

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