• I think that anyone who's had a sports crazed S/O has asked that question
  • Here's a good one.. Golf.. I can watch baseball all day but not Golf.. That's pointless to me.
  • I don't understand what's so great about any sport. Sure they are fun to watch but I get so sick of being a man and all men I work with or go to business meetings with want to talk about is sports. I find them boring and strange that men who both play and watch sports walk around smackin each other on the ass or grabbing each others crotches. I find it weird that redneck homophobic men call men that dress nice gay but then they walk around with another man's name on their jersey/shirt and have posters and memorize stats of pro players. I think it's all weird and boring and a waste of time. I'd rather do something creative with my time.
  • any sport game that involves a ball is freaking stupid. that includes roulette.
  • I am by no means an avid sports fan but I do watch periodically. I used to think the same thing about baseball until I saw a game live. It really changed my perspective of the game. It can be quite exciting when you see everything that is going on and not just what you see on TV. In fact I think this is true of most sports but baseball in particular.
  • American Football and baseball *both* are games that should take 1/3 the time they do, there's just so much standing around. I'm a real football (soccer) fan myself.
  • really? I have always thought of soccer as a more, feminine sport. Oops, there goes some more toes... but, seriously. ANYONE can play soccer. Please don't try to say that SOCCER is in any way more interesting than football.
  • Well I'm talking about watching a sport. I am good at hockey, but I sure as hell am not going to watch it when there is football on. Don't you see the whole picture? Football is the ultimate sport, name one other sport with even a quarter of the strategy and skill of football. Everyone likes the sport they are best at, but what about what you would most like to play, and I am obviously not talking to you, if that game is not football. Because what is more desirable than football? I guess I just don't get it otherwise.
  • I can one up you for more neg points! What is so frickin' great about sports at all? lol

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