• Windows is an Operating System, not a media player. Simply download a media player that works in XP and can play MP4 files - there are lots of them around.
  • Windows XP supports mp4 format, no problem. The question to ask is, "Does my media program support mp4?" All the versions of Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc, support MP4 in XP. Simple reason: MP4 has been around long enough for the major media players to adapt to it, in the XP environment. Although, I can't honestly say I've seen many files in mp4 format.
  • Window can support any kind of file, but to play it you should know whether the media player you have supports it or not. You can see it somewhere in the preferences of your media player, or google about whether your player supports them or not. Alternatively, you can download some media player which supports MP4.

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