• I have a herniated disk in my neck. It does not directly cause headaches. I'm going to explain a little here so this will be a longish post. My herniated disk is impinging on the connection point of the left ulnar nerve which sends pain and electric sensations down my left arm. Also causes some numbness. the radial nerve as well, causing me a bit of 'limpness' in my pointing finger and my thumb. I have a habit of dropping things if I do not pay attention. Added inflammation takes place during the day due to how I react to the pain. Due too the pain/sensations my left shoulder and upper back are tense - tight - knotted up - this has caused secondary issues, such as pain in the muscles and nerves around the scapula (the wing bone). All of this pain causes me to be tenser and leads to my having 'stress' head aches and other stress related issues. It is more or less a domino effect - one thing leads to another which leads to another. I hope you are going to a chronic condition specialist (Pain management) - there are several therapies that you should try - such as a tens unit, going on a medication for pain and one as a muscle relaxant. Some Physical Therapy exercises will mitigate things like ulnar nerve pain leading toward relaxation of your upper body. Massage is also helpful, message of the Deltoids and the Trapezius (the one that runs from the neck to the shoulder) and the Latissimus Dorsi (the ones that run down the side of your body in back) and of course at the neck. Massage relaxes the muscles releasing the tension which is most likely the cause of headaches and other stress related disorders you may have. Lots of heat also helps you to relax. I soak in the tub laying on my back - that gets me a couple hours of real relief most nights.
  • I was actually looking for an answer to whether hotflashes can be caused by pinched nerves in the neck. I found you here. I have cervical spondylosis (arthritis and degenerative disk disease in my neck) and used to have severe muscle ache, pain in the right side of my head, neck and shoulder from this. Now the pain is more manageable, but my right arm, in particular, goes numb while I am sleeping. I also have Tinnitus/Meneire's and pressure in my right ear that docotor's have not been able to figure out. I started having dizzy speels a coupke of weeks ago. Yesterday, I saw a new doctor who said all of my symptoms, including hearing loss, could be caused by this pinching or scraping, and inflammation of the nerves in my neck. So yes, you are on track with yur thoughts. Physical therapy involving traction may help us both. I am still curious whether hotflashes can be caused by this as well. If you like, visit my website at for info on Chronic Pain. Mari
  • anything is possible, i would get it checked out

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