• 'Scuse me? We did!
  • The Allies, who were Britain, France, Italy, the Dominion of Canada, the USSR, Japan and the USA defeated the German Empire, the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary. It's amazing how Japan, USSR and Italy abandoned us in World War 2
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  • no one is really a winner in war.
  • No one.
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      Wikipedia says "Canada's total casualties stood at the end of the war at 67,000 killed and 250,000 wounded, out of an expeditionary force of 620,000 people mobilized (39% of mobilized were casualties)" .....I wouldn't call that winning. Especially not when the only reason they had to go was England was still bossing them around. ....And in general, 14 million people getting killed so that boys could go mad +/or die in holes in the ground for 4 years in a stalemate, doesn't seem much like winning to me. World War I was INSANE. And it might not have had to happen on such a wide scale, if the countries involved didn't have alliance agreements with each other they had to honor. ....Maybe it would have grown out of proportion anyway though, who knows. But it seemed (if you consider the whole notion of "trench warfare", including how lame it worked out at Gallipoli) as if they didn't even know how to go about war at that point! It was silly!! (If you can refer to 14 million deaths as "silly" :| ) ...Nope. No one won. Germany didn't know how to just be one of the neighbors on the block, so all those people died, so that they gained NOTHING for their intent (except that they didn't even get out of it well, as the loser, which spawned Hitler who decimated their country entirely. ...Mmm) ....Given that Germany's roots and reasons, in their history, were about believing themselves superior humans, destined for world rule, and they warred repeatedly towards that aim, one MIGHT conclude that WE (the world) won, when Hitler got their country so terribly smashed up, because...they might just have tried again! But of course the world became too afraid of having "total war" again after that, because it'd likely go nuclear, and that'd be mass suicide.
    • we are dough 68

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