• I have never used Facebook as I don't have the time for it. Thus I know very little about it. Never the less I am glad you enjoy it and that you are doing so well. Regards.
  • Hey Royal! Welcome back, I missed you loads and thought that you had taken on a new identity as Beef Chuck! Now I realize where you've been all this time - on Facebook!? Never mind, good to see you agian. I don't know much about Facebook, someone invited me to join but I didn't bother. Giving away friends sounds weird, I like to keep my friends to myself, I'm greedy! haha!
  • I enjoy Facebook very much. I do own quite a few people now ( just bought a bunch of people ), I don't like to give people away tho. I think I am worth around $23,000 or so.
  • never heard of that

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