• I don't know that you are. If I can't answer or explain I leave the question alone. Good luck.
  • People hate it when they have to explain themselves to someone else.
  • no clue but that is quite unfair. i've got friends of several faiths question everything that is never wrong
  • People don't appreciate clarification or source requests, I have to think that they don't really have the answer or the source. There is no other understanding to it, I have also been down rated for requesting sources. It truly has no importance, just be careful on how you phrase your clarification request, if even so you are down rated you will know who knows and who does not. Regards. (Uprated +4)
  • Religion is based on faith and belief, not logic. When you question anything that is faith-based, it is taken as an attack on that belief. People of faith do not intellectualize..they accept the dogma/doctrine of their chosen mode of worship. They are not geared, prepared or enthused about any "outsider" pointing out inconsistencies..again, you are perceived as attacking a basic tenet. :)There are some highly intelligent people who believe very deeply in their faith..they set aside such concerns for the comfort of having something to cling to and others who are likeminded to cling to it with them. Don't take it personally. :)
  • Don't worry too much about the DR's; you have an open mind and ask questions. How else can you learn? That's what's important. :-)~ Some people are just closed minded zealots.
  • Some people have nothing better to do than DR.
  • simple...these people don't want it pointed out to them that its a load of crap or worse still be made to say it is so, they expect that when they waffle on with their pap and dribble it will always be accepted as the total truth and how dare we have the hide to question it ...oh we are soooo naughty
  • "41 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"" Source: Luke 6:41 (New International Version) Some people just don't pay attention...
  • I think Rosie has the perfect answer. From a different angle, I believe that all negative thoughts and actions can be traced back to fear - fear of being wrong (especially about such an important subject), fear about being "less than", fear of the unknown. If your question arouses these fears in them, they strike back negatively.
  • Alot of people take that as an attack on their faith.
  • I can't say. Every person has their own reasons for downrating. It would be nice if they would tell you why, but they don't, and it is, indeed, frustrating. Just roll with the punches, and pity the anonymous ones who do not have the strength of conviction to put their name to their negatives. It isn't only on religious questions that it happens though. I am often downrated on other questions, even though I provide support for my statement.
  • Because if the theist was to start questioning all the garbage in those text and correctly used logic/reason there would be no religions!
  • I guess because it's sort of like faith goes out the window if you question what's written and supposed to be Holy.
  • "Downrates", in this instance, are cosmic reminders to emphasize commonalities and look past "differences". One finds what one's awareness is focused upon. What do you choose to see?
  • There is nothing wrong with asking for clarification for anything. You don't ask questions, you don't understand period. There shouldn't be questions that are left unanswered with out some kind of a logical response behind it. Even thought we may not have all of the answers, we should still have some kind of input to those burning questions. Also in accordance to many of the responses here, i would also state that it may be quite possible that people haven't had exposure to the kind of subject matter that people have been asking for answers to, and therby just dismissing it as stupid and not worth their time instead of trying to be open minded and accept that there are different realms that they can emerse themselves in to and can adopt some sense of what it is people are asking, and can also gain some kind of insight on where they are coming from. There are different dimensions in this world, and therefore when poeple ask certain question that may seem outlandish in some degree, atleast give them the respect and dignity for trying to learn something new and outside of their current surroundings to expand their horizons, in essence to evolve their way of thinking and becoming more intelligent. Why should people get downrated for asking questions? I mean if you would happend to have an answer to that question, why not give that bit of enlightment? And if you don't know the answer then don't say anything at all, and leave them be. We all get curious, we all ask questions. That's the way is. Any of you out there who want to downrate me for making this valid point, go ahead. But you gotta ask your self. What am i gaining from downrating someone who is only trying to stand up for everyones right to ask for clarification when they need it? When it is totally acceptable to do so? Do what what you will. Power to the people 8o) Peace, love, and happiness!!

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