• Sounds good :D As long as they were female and fit
  • On a stag do I would fly that way, however I don't think it would be appropriate for a business trip!
  • Less. Hooters Air didn't work because some things don't belong together.
  • As long as there were no expectations that I'd be handing them all kinds of cash for services rendered. Airline tickets are expensive enough!
  • It wouldn't matter to me, as long as there was at least one male flight attendant so I would have someone to look at too.
  • with my luck it would be a 50 year old guy with a 30 year old beer gut.
  • It depends, would there be poles in the aisles or something? What good is a stripper without a pole? It's like peanut butter with out the jelly, cops without donuts, yin without the yang, you get the idea. LOL. In all seriousness, it wouldn't matter to me. It's nothing I would be offended by. I would fly with whichever airline could give me the best rate, so if that means strippers as flight attendants so be it. Now if my kids were flying with me, I might have to think twice about it!
  • yeah but only if the strippers were women
  • 1) Only if the pilot were not one of them... But I usually prefer another kind of entertainment. 2) "Raising the hopes of men and women all over the country, has been running a series of adverts showing strippers working as flight attendants at Alas this remains a dream, and the adverts are just that, adverts. Embracing equal opportunities, the adverts feature both a well-endowed young lady and buff young man trotting out classic lines such as 'is it a little hot in here' and 'would you like main course or shall we skip straight to dessert', before losing their clothes. Unfortunately a few places around the blogosphere seem to have been fooled by the adverts, claiming that flights booked with will actually feature strippers. Watch what might have been in the video above." Source and further information: 3) Book a flight; get a pole dance: Other videos (also with male strippers): Further information: 4) cabin crew - waiting for a star to fall
  • Are they male strippers? ;)
  • It beats the in-flight movies. I personally would go for it, I don't even care if it was some male strippers with the female strippers. I would be so amused.
  • Less likely. When I fly, I want to use my laptop and not get a lapdance. Keep in mind that the flight crew's main purpose is safety of the passengers, not entertainment.
  • Count me in provided the cockpit door remains shut the whole flight and ALL the passengers are in agreement. I go anywhere, anyplace, anytime and anyhow...just get me there safe and within reasonable time and let the party begin!
  • As long as they arent the same employees serving me food, I am fine with it.
  • Mabye but anyway "strippers" are actually called "exotic dancers".
  • I would definitely be at the head of the line. My concern would be for the safety of those fine young ladies. I would place myself between them and the passengers (Yep! Right there in the front row). I would also insist on having a drink to help relieve some of the stress that would be brought on through fear of something happening to them. If I look like I'm having fun and groping them Think again!!! I',m simply providing close support while enjoying the fact that they are very well protected. YEEHAAAAW! :-)

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