• I believe the etiquet is "white shoes after labor day". Just gaudy attire for winter.
  • You shoud see the movie Serial Mom . Answer is there .
  • Really, you can wear what you want to. Otherwise there's winter white.
  • 12-05-2016 The hoity toity have to have secret signs to identify who is in the club and who is not. That is why they have several gloves that look identical except for one detail. That is why they have handbags, not purses, and they have a special hook for hanging the handbag on the edge of a table instead of putting it on the table. So at some point they decided that the in crowd would not wear white after labor day. After a while the rule got passed around and now everybody assumes it is a law of the universe.
  • in case it snows so drivers can see you.
  • Who says I can't? I'll wear whatever I like whenever I like. As it happens I don't have many white clothes, although my Happy Ostrich Day T-shirt is white. I only wear that on Ostrich Day, of course.
  • I can't see any reason not to if you are dressing well and appropriately.. Fifty years ago it was considered inappropriate to wear white to formal events after summer was over but I would be surprised if anyone at all still takes that seriously.
  • You can if you want to.
  • 12-19-2016 If you search "poppin" you will find it is a very colorful style. I wear that on Poppins Eve and I wish everybody Merry Poppins!

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