• Zero is indivisible.
  • A penny.
    • mushroom
      The US issued half cents from between 1793 and 1857
  • the mind
  • Zero Cavalieri's principle A French ship Indivisible movement (political) A novel A film A game
  • it goes like this....."one nation....under.. a dog?...yadda...and TO The REPUBLICANS, for which it stands, one poopy, indivisible, with liberty (which actually means you only got freedom is we say so. HA! SUCKERS!!) ...and "justice" (again, which actually means some turds at the top get to abuse you and be exempt themselves HA! SUCKERS)..ahem...for all! *blink* ....any questions? (it means the United States cannot be divided, and if you try we will kill you (again) and rape your women (some more) and call it patriotic (again). *waves tiny republican flag* (of course it's tiny, its the same size as the average republican penis)

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