• Not so much....
  • Rocks? ARGH! Damn picture won't upload.
  • I guess ur talking about the origins of life. I believe that life evolved in the oceans some billion years ago. I don't believe that it is just rocks, it needed all the special circumstances like comsmic rays (there was no atmoshpere for protection), water, sulfur and warm temperature... But the basic atoms the early life was made of, were probably found in rocks. However, if you trace this thing back further, we are all stardust. Nuclear fusion produced the periodic table, in the beginning, there was just hydrogen.
  • From what I gather, people who believe in evolution and the Big Bang, yet have an inaccurate picture of what they state, believe we came from rocks. These people are so stupid that perhaps, indeed, THEY do.
  • some people so, I guess that's where the saying "He's dumber than a box of rocks" can from. I know a guy I think came from a turd. I just don't know where the turd came from.
  • I believe we came from dirt. and a whole lot of design from a creator.

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