• you know, you just made me realize I haven't done anything like that in quite awhile - I used to do kind anonymous deeds all the time. Thanks for pointing that out to me - I am now on a mission !
  • Every time a drive across the Mackinac Bridge, I pay my toll and the toll for the person behind me. I would like to here the conversation between the toll booth operator and them when they find out.
  • probably picking up clothes off the floor at the thrift shops that I didn't drop and hanging them backup...
  • an old man dropped his toonie and i picked it up and ran after him :) even if it was just a toonie lol
  • Well, i gave all the money i had on me to a homeless guy the other day (although not much - i would've if it had been more anyway.) Applied for a job in a homeless shelter (annoyed they haven't rung me back yet though...)
  • I didn't become a killer,which is very good,because I could have done so much worse for myself,and the world around me.*I'm sorry if this doesn't help,but I could only think of this at this moment.*+++++*
  • I loved another person unconditionally who needed it very badly.
  • i don't do "good" things for people. i want them to do "good" things for me. is that selfish?
  • That would just be telling now wouldnt it?
  • Hey! It's great to know there are people out there doing random acts of kindness! Make this world a wayyy better place! In my little city, we have a VERY efficient meter maid! On Friday, I noticed an out-of-province vehicle parked at an expired meter. So I plugged it for another 1/2 hour. Don't want anyone having a bad experience in this little jewel of a city that I live in. (BC, Canada).
  • I was at the park yesterday and I saw a kid at the ice cream truck and he didn't have enough money to get what he wanted so I payed for it for him.
  • a church group came around to my house one day spreading the good news. when i told them i was a non-believer they looked a bit disappointed. seeing as how i don't like disappointing people, the next saturday night i left a stack of science textbooks on the stairway of their church. i think it was pretty charitable of me.
  • I live in the northern part of the usa and in the winter we get loads of snow n ice buildup. I shovel paths for the elderly for example. They are proud people and wont let me do the job for free so if I spend 3 hours working at there place I charge them $4.00--that kills 2 birds with one stone? If they are happy then so am I. Shaloam.

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