• I had what I believe to be an Indian man offering to impregnate me the other day. To me it is possible that childbearing and having offspring is very important in Indian culture. I am a white wormn, I am sure if I was a childless black woman, he would have made the same generous offer.
  • Yep. Without generalizing I've had a number of employees from the Indian sub-cont. and this seems to be a discernable pattern of behavior.
  • Myabe that is a question she should ask the man she is dating. She needs to simply ask him what his intentions are and whether or not the relationship they are in has the potential to be serious and longterm. Yes, leaving women of another culture (be they black, white or purple!) for arranged marriages has happened, but that doesn't mean it will happen to her. I commend you for looking out for you sister, but this is a problem that she should deal with herself. If she is affraid to ask him honest and serious questions, then the length of their relationship may not be jepordized by his cultural marriage issues alone if she is unwilling to be open about her concerns. I make this assumption because you've clearly stated that her fears are based on stories she has read, and the one thing to remember is that stories are based on what happened to others, and that her story may be different. I wish her the best of luck, and happiness with this man if it is in the cards.
  • I sincerely suggest you that you make a good effort in gathering "facts" and not rely on what could very well be nothing more than "stereotypes". This is a world full of all kinds of prejudice and hangups, and often time many stereotypes are byproducts of prejudice. And although I'm not in any way suggesting that there's no reason for great concern, I'm also saying to you just get well informed in that regard. Good luck to you and your sister.
  • Hillary, would you like to have my baby?
  • Caution, caution, caution -- you would not believe how many "foreign" men end up using American women and then dumping them when they have served their purposes. Indian culture is entirely geared toward marrying within its own culture and no matter what a man says or even how he may feel he still has serious family and cultural pressures that will dictate who he marries. It is rarely, if ever, an American girlfriend. It is almost always an arranged marriage between his family and another "suitable" Indian family.
  • Not with an Indian, but I dated a Vietnamese guy for about two years, and the entire time he was in an arranged engagement, and would lie to me about it until I finally found a picture of her around the house and confronted him. So yes, use caution.
  • Indian men from India are set to marry within their own caste. The only way to know for sure is to withold sex. This is within Indian culture and it is expected from any respectable woman...(according to Indians). if he is still with her after getting no sex...then she stands a chance. Or else she should end things now. I am indian not from India tho, hope this helps...
  • I briefly dated an Indian man. Very briefly. On our first date he made me dinner at his house and then tried to grope me and suggested we go to his bedroom. Bad, bad experience. So much for dating a doctor...
  • Hi, I am "the sister". First off I would like to thank everyone who posted an answer. I also wanted to let everyone know that I did talk to him about it this weekend. We had a very good conversation about it. I understand what you are saying with the "caste" issues and he is neither Punjabi nor Hindu he is a part of the 1% of Indian men who are Catholic. Anyway although his sisters have had arranged marriages both him and his brother are more liberal and do not believe in them. I do understand that his family is a huge part of his live and have quite a lot of input when it comes to decisions and have expressed to him that I do understand this. He will be leaving to go back to India for a visit this summer and before he leaves we will have a talk to see what direction this is going. I do feel much better now that I have talked to him. I had fully intended to talk to him about it I was just looking to see if anyone had any experience with this kind of thing. Anyway we are taking it one day at a time as seeing where it goes. Who knows what will happen we may end up together or we may not. Only time will tell.
  • Not a question about whether Indian's are pre-programed to marry their own kind, in fact Indian culture, with real authentic Indian values, not the present polluted one, believes in Love and Respect for one another regardless of race or any other barriers. This caste system and all this discrimination of people due to their place of birth...etc that's currently been going on in India for the last hundreds of years has all been enforced by egotistic political powers whether they be kings of priests. Before the last hundred sumi years, (India's an extremely old country, the oldest) people of ancient India fallowed a more universal way of thought, living and eventually finding higher truth whether it be God or something else. This universal way of life, which are now termed as "religions", was initiated by great sages who had acquired such knowledge and intuition through deep meditation, which can still to this very day be discovered by any person by going through the same process. Only a few people in the current world know the true meaning and have experienced true enlightenment to this way of thought, which is essentially a route to finding higher truth. The techniques and teachings of this universal "religion" are summed in the Vedas and create the bases of Vedic Dhurma(way of life). This is the same school of thought from which the concept of Karma branches out. With all that said I conclude this lengthy response by the fact that any Indian, if they are truly knowledgeable of what their ancient country roots out from, Vedic Dhurma, then they'd be enlighten to marry regardless of racial barriers because in every other person they'd be able to see lay deep with in them the same "higher truth" that lay within them self. Thinking in terms of cultural, religious, and racial differences is a very kindergarten way of thought in the Vedic way.
  • As you may have read already, Indian men tend to marry within their own caste (or an upward move). That being said, the first question I would have is this guy here in the U.S. legally and is he trying to gain citizenship? I briefly dated an Indian guy, come to find out that he just wanted to marry an american to gain U.S. citizenship (then divorce of course). Proceed with caution!!!
  • I am a super liberal, american raised pakistani man (similar to indian custom) who has heard this story so many times. To be absolutely honest with you, you have very very very high chance that his parents will do everything in their power to oust you. Indian parents are very manipulating, and know how to get their way with their children (guilt trips, threats, etc [experienced them all!]). Don't make any marriage decisions; in fact i suggest you to continue strictly dating and over time evaluate how much a backbone he really has. If he still doesn't introduce you to his parents after 6 months, or constantly is complaining to you about his parental drama, then save yourself the heartbreak girl! A independent like minded man wont need to have his mommy and daddy interfering in all of his affairs. Regardless of this entire debacle you're in, some general advice to you and everyone else (regardless of race, ethnicity, etc) isnt illegal in american, so please date (and date for as long as you deem neccessary)...make sure you know (and i highly emphasize on KNOW) the person before you make any profound decision. As a pakistani, i can tell you "we can be drama [unfortunately we're born into it]"...fortunately, i decided to grow a spine and make decisions for myself, and though my family hates me for it...i'm happy that i went here my heart is +) So careful!!! Good luck!
  • lol , i been reading all this post and its fun as i being indian . well i agree there is need to go slowly, but look indian has changed now , ppl have adopted new thoughts , new living , new life , so its not like as u r white gal his family gonna compelety hit the roof when they get to know about u , i live in a city where i have seen 6-7 german ladies happily married to indian man and thee age was in mid 30-45. There is lot of shit about indians and there traditions going on in media , and ppl take that shit too seriosuly , i believe shit exist in every race its not a good thing to generalize it , and i if there r problems from his parents side its not a big deal , parents wil be sad at the begnning but later on things may change . the thing is offcourse u have to be carefull , it the an important part of life , but its not like all indians want visa , or indian familys r very bad and they wont accept and shit like that , there r good and bad ones depends on what u choose and how choose , i wish u the very best of the best luck and have a good life ahead with whatever u do :)
  • It's not always true.It depends on the person.No. of Indians getting divorced is much less than Americans. Ask your sister not to hurry about having sex.If the guy wants to marry her b4 having sex,I can assure u he wont dump her.But otherwise ask your sister 2 b careful.I am an Indian.U can trust my words.

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