• I would probably call the RSPCA first, or maybe the local zoo to see if they'd had any escapees! The police would probably just call animal control anyway, so you may as well bypass them.
  • It depends on whether they are threatening you in any way. If they are you should call 911 immediately, if not just call animal control, stay indoors, and don't try anything yourself.
  • Snakes that enter the garden tend to be harmless and if disturbed will slither away. They are often just passing through gardens and are shy animals that would rather remain unnoticed than come into contact with humans. Snake numbers in Britain are declining and so if you do come across snakes in your garden it is important to leave them alone. If however you are worried about snakes staying in your garden they can be discouraged from doing so by some basic habitat management. i) Regularly mow all the grass, although they choose areas like this to bask they also need cover close by for a quick retreat and so will choose not to bask in such an exposed area. ii) Remove all possible refuges like log piles, garden debris and rock piles. iii) Remove possible breeding sites like compost heaps and grass cuttings. However it is important not to move these between June and the end of September as you may disturb grass snake eggs and potentially kill them, which is illegal. It is important to remember that any habitat management you do to discourage snakes will also negatively impact on your amphibian population. yes i would call 911 and ask them for assistance . good luck john !!
  • What are they gonna do. Most men are afraid of snakes. Call a wildlife agency or an animal control. They'll contact the correct ones
    • Supersoftball
      It's not their job to deal with snakes, b ut if you live in a city with limited resources, they'll come out and deal with the problem to the best of their ability.

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