• No, I do not believe so. I believe that it's the people that can bring peace on earth.
  • That's one of the reasons; though that's not to say there would be world peace without religion
  • some what of the reason I believe.
  • No. I say this even as a devout atheist. Religion can be a peaceful thing. However, it is just one thing out of many that one group of people can use to justify hurting another group of people. If it isn't over religion, it'll be over something else lie race, creed, geographical location, language, and traditions.
  • I think the reason for conflict may hide behind religion, but when it comes down to it, (human nature being what it is), the struggle for power (as in 'real estate'..."I want your land") has probably existed since the dawn of time. Before religion even existed.
  • Religion is a reason that would be nice to eleminate as a source of conflict (this does not mean you have to eleminate religion per se, merely try and bring an end to the extremism in religions) but there are many other reasons. Money, power, resources (you could lump that in with money I suppose), ethnic tensions (sometimes religious sometimes not, I know a fair few racist atheists)... There are many reasons. Religion is often a good excuse for war/violence that is unjustifiable any other way. But often it is a smokescreen.
  • It's certainly not the only thing causing problems, but it must claim some responsibility.
  • No, it is people who follow false religion, including those that make 'no god' or their military might, or science as their own gods.
  • Partially but not the only reason.
  • yes, well for most, not all. Most wars, and domestic violence stems from rival beliefs between religions, and society that dont conform to those religions
  • Its the fault of people period. For example "The Anti-Christ" Used as a name on the net to show that one is powerful and evil, not even close to peaceful, more people these days tend to lean towards powerful and evil things than things of good nature, good nature is boring, I guess. Fault of people period.
  • I believe that most wars are started by Greed and far that has been pretty consistent in my life. But you can't really blame anything on Religion, as such. Religion isn't an entity that can do anything..It is only as good or as bad as the people who created it.
  • nope, that is only one factor of very many. i feel that too many use religion as an easy scapegoat rather than looking for the truth and working for the possibly difficult solutions. it's just too easy to blame one thing and be done with it, it's not that simple.
  • guns dont kill people... people kill people same goes for the relegion, people are dumb as shit
  • Im inclined to agree with that. Religious PEOPLE start the fight (most of the time).
  • It is definitely a contributing factor, however if people aren't fighting over religion, they will fight over land, politics, ideals etc. There would always be something causing strife somewhere in the world.
  • nah...simply I believe, being human says it all. Egos and Power hunger are all personality contributors...
  • Certain religions yes, are at fault for this.

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