• Maybe they are only a cyberannoyer and is'nt really like that in person........Maybe he or she can't think on their feet which is why they are only annoying on the net......
  • if the sex was good I wouldn't care. If she seemed like a nice person I would have to think from experience she was putting it on(being a phony) for me and not who she really is.
  • The personality you have on the internet is (more/less) different from the one you have in real life. Give him a chance and go for a few more dates. You might regret it later when that "annoying" person turns out to be an amazing individual.
  • I'd be very shocked, and I'd probably try to be better friends with them on here, seeing as I know they can actually be decent.
  • If this hypothetical situation would happen, I would remove myself immediately from the date.
  • hahahaha...not possible. 1) This person is female. 2) I am pretty sure she is even more annoying in real life than here, even though that's almost unfathomable.
  • Well...I imagine that I would realize I was wrong to think of them as annoying (since you say I would have a great time in person with them).
  • If I had fun and I liked the person and my time with them, it's all good. The moar u no. But I would certainly be like, you know, you suck on Answerbag. XD
  • I don't think it would happen. Period.
  • i would laugh and maybe try to get on better with that person, you never no this may already have happened with out you realizing it, i may be talking to some1 i know who i work with, strange to think about byt AB users or any web users could be any1
  • What would I do when i found out it was the annoying user? I'd give him a clither on the gob! he deserves it!
  • Second date. At least you'd have to be sure.
  • Wow, I'm curious - is this question based on a personal experience? Thaou would be really funny. I'd probably vent all my thoughts/commentary on his/her AB postings & tell him/her what I really think about him/her based on Q&Aa on AB. But if the date went well, I'd probably give them another chance in person.
  • that's a good question actually... I have the person in mind and even though he was nice in person I wouldn't trust him because I know how he acts towards random "chicks" online and that would make me feel highly uncomfortable
  • Well, what I would do is probably talk them into going out in the country, manage a call to Arisztid to meet us there, and watch with amusement as Aris proceeded to beat the crap out of him. . (Aris has a stalker that has found his way here)
  • I would change my avatar and hope he couldn't find me,
  • I would change my mind about them. I can't imagine having a great experience and then reverting back to disliking them. You do make a great point though, we really don't know the whole person if we decide to dislike someone we have not gotten to know. Its kind of like road rage, flipping the bird at a stranger who cuts you off, etc.
  • Then you would know that yu judged them wrong. that is what people get for judging others.

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