• What's so bad about it? There's alot of people I like online.
  • Not everyone is a take extreme precaution.
  • No but then how do you know who they are and if they are who they say they are? Always go slow and use caution. getting to know someone rather it be on line or off the same rules apply. Do not give your trust away make them earn it. you owe it to yourself.
  • No, it isn't inherently a bad idea. It depends on the circumstances and how it is handled.
  • People can pretend to be anything or anyone they want, online or in person. Just be careful and protect yourself as much as possible :)
  • Nope... Met my wife online (IM)... And there are a LOT of nice people here at AB... ;-)
  • No, not particularly. But the internet allows you to be whatever you want to be. You need to be VERY careful. Many have found romance online, but many have also found frightening situations, possibly even resulting in their deaths. If you are a minor, disregard this and tell your parents immediately.
  • well, if you know they are not some weird pedophile, or physco, or a man pretending to be a teenage girl ( guess that hits the pedophile button) or a criminal staging another crime and so on .............. ( god, arent i pathetic )

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