• Cigarettes don't alter your senses/judgement
  • Its a lot easier to tax tobacco, if we started smuggling it in too, it would also be illegal. Its all about the ching.
  • you do silly stuff after you smoke weed, while after smoking a cigarette you dont do all those silly things.
  • Cigarettes don't screw your brain or cause as much lung damage as cannabis. A study by the British Lung Foundation found that just three cannabis joints a day cause the same damage as 20 cigarettes And when cannabis and tobacco are smoked together, the effects are dramatically worse. Evidence shows that tar from cannabis cigarettes contains 50% more cancer causing carcinogens than tobacco. Dr Mark Britton, chairman of the British Lung Foundation, said: "These statistics will come as a surprise to many people, especially those who choose to smoke cannabis rather than tobacco in the belief it is safer for them. "It is vital that people are fully aware of the dangers so they can make an educated decision and know the damage they may be causing. "
  • i prefer a surgeon not smoke anything, but aint nobody cutting me after a blunt
  • It can be very addictive, although not physically addictive but regards the level of harm, cigarettes are worse and medically that's been proven time and time again. Cigarette smokers because of the physical addiction tend to smoke v regularly as everyone knows wheres many (although not all admittedly) ppl who smoke weed do so on a much less consistent basis... i.e. 1 joint at night or even just on weekends and personally i sometimes go months without smoking cos i can't get any or am in another country ect. so that compensates for the lung issue! A big weed smoker might smoke 4/5 joints a day whereas a big cig smoker will smoke 20-40... overall no comparison in the content of tar and carcinogens inhaled... because of the nature of frequency used and to be honest needed to get high. Big problem with cannibis is ppl smoking soap bar/brown cos that is a health nightmare due to the lack of regulation regards it's content. Finally it does affect your motivation and concentration so if you are going to smoke try to minimise.... no need for that extra joint but when used recreationally and controlled (which is almost impossible to do with cigs) its a much better "drug" than both alcohol and cigarettes! ....check out the graph in this wikipedia link
  • Because then, the tobacco companies wouldn't make such hefty profits.
  • I really can't think of a good reason why the situation shouldn't be reversed.
  • people smuggle tobacco into the U.S. too..
  • what about alcohol, thats legal. would you rather a surgeon be drunk out of his mind?
  • niotines additive thc's not you smoke less pot than ciggs and its 1 joint = 3 cigs not 20 like look closly its me said also what she failed to mencin if smoke tru a vaperizer thers no cardijins thus no lung damage it also good for peaple with asma [once agine tru a vap] bealse it dilats the broncal sacs in the lungs niatine contrics them and youre blood veins thc also dilats youre bloods veins wich is good for bad blood flow.

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