• A heathy, balanced and nutritious diet and exercise on a regular basis will improve the metabolic rate. Exercise would be important on a routine basis several times a day. Just taking ordinary walks as a routine exercise can go a long ways towards improving one's metabolism. Over time your basal metabolism will improve as long as you are getting proteins, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, etc. Also, try kelp as a supplement. This is often overlooked by people dieting or trying to increase their metab. Often someone who is trying to lose weight is on an excellent program, but is not getting good results because this key nutrient was lacking in their diet. This important supplement is often neglected in many weight loss regimens. Here is a simple diet tidbit which could markedly help in improving one's metabolism or dramatically help in losing weight. Coconut Oil. Ha! At first glance, one could have the impression that this thick solid white oil could clog the arteries and be a health problem or cause weight gain. Actually, having it in one's diet can naturally increase one's metabolism and naturally help a person to lose weight. Coconut oil has some wonderful properties, including some anti-viral and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and anti-parasitic characteristics. It is one of the few oils which doesn't have as much of a problem going rancid. There are some remarkable stories about its benefits. Also, it is interesting to note that people in regions which use this oil as a staple in their diet or cooking enjoy some benefits not often seen in the Western cultures. I think many people will start noticing immediate results when taking this oil.
  • 1. Eat 6 times a day - going too long will slow the metabolism 2. Increase protein intake - takes more calories to process 3. Lift weights - the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism 4. Get a full nights sleep every night. 5. Make sure you are getting iodine in your diet - the reason for the kelp 6. Take a few fish oil capsules daily - a healthy fat that actually promotes fat loss drink at least 8 glasses of ice cold water a day - I have drank a gallon a day before, sipped throughout the day. Easier then you think once your bladder no longer gets used to the extra fluid. But your body has to warm the water up, therefore a few extra calories. (about 128 a day for a gallon.)

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