• If you are truly in love, you shouldn't care about how your parents feel.
  • Looks like your gonna move.
  • I guess it's best to move in with your future husband. If you want to, you can move far away from your parents, and not worry about them. You really shouldn't let their feelings keep or discourage you from marrying interracially.
  • You got your Pimp!
  • Hit the street.
  • If you both are happy don't let it stop you but, be sure that's what you both want. Don't let your parents run your life.
  • I think someone's offered you a commitment, and someone else has betrayed theirs to you. It's easy for me to say which I'd go with, but they're your family. Still, I've met people like that before. All I can say is that if it wasn't this, it'd be something else. Good luck to you.
  • your parents should love you for who you are not for who you date. If their dislike for your relationship pushes them that far to kick you out of the house then i would would suggest that you break ties off with them. they might never get past your relationship but if they realy love you they would actually put some effort in it and take some time to know your man instead of judging him by his skin color.
  • If that's all there really is to it, I think your family is overreacting.
  • I think you are too young to marry.. you will change a lot over the next few years and so will he! But it might work - young marriages sometimes do so I am probably wrong to generalise. If I was in your situation, my family wouldnt have particularly LIKED it (they would have worried through fear of the unknown) but nor would they have objected. (If alive my parents would be 90 years old! They were not racist - however they were not accustomed to meeting anyone but British white people)It depends on where you live and the age and upbringing of your parents I guess. In this day and age I don't think it is acceptable to be against a marriage on grounds of race. Perhaps it is the age thing they are more worried about? If so I can understand that for the reason I mentioned at the beginning. If their objections are based solely on race however I think you have to make it clear that racism is not acceptable to you or to anyone in modern civilized society and ... oh i dunno It's hard. You love him but you love your parents too!I guess you have to make them see that for your sake they have to accept this and welcome him into their home or else they risk losing the strength of intimacy and frequency of contact they already enjoy with you. After all you cant go home so often if you arent able to bring your partner can you? Sorry for rambling. You are in a tough situation and I wish you luck.
  • Your family is a bunch of bigots.
  • I would like to help them move your ass out. Are you out of your mind?
  • i think you should stay with him anyways and if your parents dont like it thats their problem
  • You can do what you want and so can they. You're 18, make your own decisions, just be prepared for the consequences.
  • Its your choice and their choice. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. You are a legal adult and they are mot required by law to let you live there. You are free to date and marry who you want. They are free to say who lives in their home. Get a job get a studio apt and move out..

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