• Horse mated with a donkey makes a mule (or a hinny). Mules are very strong, but cannot reproduce. (Please nobody post any videos to this question! lol)
  • The Mule is a cross between a donkey stallion (called a jack) and a horse mare. Hinnies are just the opposite - a stallion horse crossed to a donkey jennet. For all purposes, hinnies and mules are classified and shown together under the general term Mule. Offspring from either cross, although fully developed as males or females, are almost always sterile. Hence, a line of horses and a line of domestic asses must be maintained to perpetuate mule or hinny production. See this site for more great mule information!
  • It makes nothing. Mules are sterile. They do not make babies. A female horse and a male donkey make a mule. Reproduction stops right there.
  • Horse mates with donkey, you get a mule

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