• yes because when ur a police ery one is seein you and people these dayz arent that found of police ye dig but iont know i respect um they help with alot of stuff but yea dat sums it up
  • Is it MORE dangerous to be cop? Yes. Why? Your job is to PROTECT the ordinary person. Many "ordinary persons" have a distrust of you. "Bad guys" shoot at you when they see you. Idiots drive at 100MPH and erratically when you MUST chase them, meaning YOU have to go that fast or faster. Just pulling over a driver for a taillight or other violation, can get you hit by a vehicle of almost ANY size doing 70+MPH. You have to deal with idiots who will FIGHT you every step of the way when you try to arrest them for anything. You have to justify each and every action you use against anyone. This is just a short list.
  • Yes I think being a Police Officer is a dangerous profession.
  • I think it is more dangerous to be someone living in a low-income family, as this entitles you to a lower median age of death. Police officers don't die younger than the average person.
  • i think so, i wouldnt want to be one
  • After 16 years of law enforcement experience, I can assure you that it is a dangerous job.

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