• Bad dreams,and i cant get rid of them :(
  • if i do dream at night i do not remember them at all come the morning. So maybe i just do not dream.
  • I have awful dreams of limbs being pulled apart and people chasing me, i'm serious... this is really weird because i'm a happy person and just, optimistic... but my dreams are very evil and dark
  • Mostly bad dreams! :( they are usually about something in my past. I wish I could make them go away!
  • I am perhaps fortunate, I am always aware I am dreaming and I can walk through my dreams and control the way they are going, so I do not have bad dreams :o)
  • I have both...although I wouldn't really call the bad ones 'bad', but rather unsettling.
  • i have mostly weird dreams. i am rarely involved in my dreams actually its usually people i dont know in real live but in the dream i know them and im watching from above. If i am in the dream though its usually really scary. the last dream i had like that was me in the gym locker room at my school and there were some sort of monsters attacking me while i was in just a towel there were huge gashes in my legs and body. i enjoy the scary dreams though theyre like an adrinalin rush without the danger
  • Good, bad, and just plain weird. Last night's was especially memorable: I got to visit Heaven. Yep, got to meet the Big Guy. And in the process, started a new storyline that He just might use. The basic idea was that there is Heaven, Earth, and a sort of spacetime 'airlock' between them, in which imperfect mortal creatures can can take on perfection, and THEN enter into Heaven. I went through the process, and must admit it was quite a lot of fun. Got my own sailboat, and was visiting with some heavenly friends on their boat when some shipful of people managed to enter directly into Heaven without going through the established protocols. It was disasterous. The poor people set course for my sailboat, and before they could get within 15 yards of it, ceased to exist - throughout all space and time - as if they had gone through a nasty 29th century military energy shield. That got God's attention, and I was called into the Hall. I felt a mixture of love, fear, and excitement as He stood in His golden robes and quietly said, "Come" to me. Even in the middle of this emergency, however, my friend and I were free to do what we wanted. I saw some trinket off to one side, and commented that that might be fun to play with later. My friend agreed, and reminded me that this was Heaven, there is no later. So we started playing with it. I mentioned that this would be more fun if we were kids, and almost immediately, we shrank down and de-aged, our robes shrinking a bit belatedly, but only enough to make the process funny. We danced with the object for a few moments, then went back to work on the problem the 'invaders' had created. It meant going through the airlock and catching them before they left the material realm. As it turns out, there are material abilities not available to those in Heaven. The ability to comprehend deception is apparently one of these. I did not enjoy going back, but it was necessary in order to save those people. To make a long story short, we talked them into aborting their attempt, saving their lives and preserving the sanctity of Heaven. The next dream was a character study of the four scientists, telling what they were thinking when they made their mistake. Interesting stuff. Not bad for a single night's work!
  • alot of times no dreams,but sometimes I I get dreams normally weird dreams X3
  • Most of my dreams are weird, and I'm always a part of them. One may be the best dream I've ever had, and seem like I've been having it for hours, when all of a sudden, I'll look up and see a plane crashing. Or, I may be having a great vacation with my family ... eating the best foods ... doing all the best activities ... when, suddenly, the cops will come and ask me to help them catch a serial killer! Just plain weird!
  • they are quite random, especially lately
  • I dream bad scary dreams

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