• My son has Asperger's Syndrome and he has ADHD. The specialist only gave him meds for the ADHD and for sleep issues he also has. They said there really aren't meds for the Asperger's.
  • NO MEDICATION! Our society has put such an importance on meds and it makes me sick. AS needs no meds and your just filling the pockets of the execs. who say you need them. Just let him be himself for God's sake.
  • You can check out these links about natural things to do. You can contact to see if they can help too. You can learn about overall health tips at They have health evaluations.
  • I don't think you need meds. for the add eather. My son has aspergers and adhd. They want him on meds. for his adhd, but I want him to learn how to control his behavior with out because one day they may want to take him off or he may take himself off of them. Then he won't know how to act with out them. With out the meds for the add he also may be able to sleep with out meds. Stick to your guns with the school, the doctors, and even him. What they need is structure and lots of it. Try changing his diet. It may help with both. I wish you luck.
  • If the parents have approved meds, there's little you can do to stop them. Meds can be helpful if the child is disruptive/violent in school. For children who are just fidgety, request accommodations from the school to install "foot fidgets" on the chair or activity station posters, where the hyper kids can be sent in the hall for a few minutes to do ten jumping jacks, or other physical activities. (The non-hyper kids like to do those too!) Also, sports, general exercise and even music might be helpful for focus, if the child is so inclined to do them.

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