• alot of cab companies will have auctions when the cabs get old, just find an auction, could probablt find them online
  • If you live in the USA try Google,as there are many used yellow cabs on sale. - 92k
  • You can get the better result searching on Google.
  • I think it will better to search on google for yellow cab .
  • 5-20-2017 See what brands are used for cabs in your town and buy a new one.
  • well they just buy typically a long lasting model of chevy and paint it yellow. To buy one after they're done with it would mean buying junk that's so used it cant go another foot. So look at what make and model car the yellow cabs are, buy a new one, paint it. ............. But what do you want this for? I mean you CAN'T just OWN a "yellow cab", that corporation owns them...All you can do is get a cab drivers license and a job working for them, in which case, you will not be charged for a car, you will use theirs.

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