• "crap, maybe we don't know everything"
    • OrangeDonRump
      Actually, the priests would try to find the younger forms of that life and try to rape it
  • God created it.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Which god did that? Is it the same god that you can't prove to anyone?
  • Say, god was responsible and then send missionaries to convert the aliens.
  • Deny it for 300 years for a start.
      Nope. No reason to do so.
  • I think I see an intergalactic inquisition in the future.
  • If we look at what The Catholic Church did to Galileo when he hypothesized that the sun, not the earth was the center of our Solar system, we may get an idea.
  • try to force them to convert to their faith, if they dont try to exterminate them. Or rally against them because they do not follow their faith
  • They'd send someone to convert them and destroy their culture.
  • They'd try and wipe it out in the name of Jeebus, then,if they were successful, deny we ever found anything. If not successful, I get the image of the pope covering his ears shouting "LALALALALALALAICAN'THEARYOULALALALA"
  • They'd say "WOW! Look at that!"
  • Deny deny deny.
      Nope. (No reason to do so.)
    • bostjan64
  • Catholic theologians discuss this topic all the time. If intelligent life was found outside planet earth, the Church would celebrate it along with the rest of mankind.
  • No matter how much proof there is, they would just deny deny deny. it would be a fight to get mention of it into textbooks, and, though the scientific comunity had moved on, it's existance would still be denyed. conservative christians would go into a mad fury when it is mentioned. no mater what, in the "eyes" of the catholic church, this planet and its inhabitants are "only a theory". Sound Farmiliar? I thought so.
      Nope. No reason to do so.
  • St. Padre Pio is quoted as saying this: “The Lord certainly did not limit His glory to this small Earth. On other planets other beings exist who did not sin and fall as we did." People in the Church have been thinking about this for a long time (centuries). There is nothing about the existence of other beings that is contrary to the Catholic faith.
  • The Catholic Church has already addressed this question. Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens: and Do space aliens have souls?: One interesting suggestion is that aliens have never disobeyed God, committed Original Sin and therefore do not require salvation. God keeps them away from us for their own protection. This is why we only see glimpses of them (UFOs) but no real contact can be made. Just a suggestion. It would be interesting if they had a seven day week. With love in Christ.
  • It would probably depend on exactly what type of life ... a single celled microbe or spore on a passing comet is one thing, but a thriving, intelligent, advanced, space faring civilization, spanning dozens of star systems, with millions of years of clearly recorded history is something else entirely !!!
      Not relative to Roman Catholic doctrine. That is to say: nothing in Roman Catholic doctrine teaches anything of the sort, "Advanced, intelligent life exists only on Earth."
  • Probably say, "By golly they had it right on Star Trek after all!" There's nothing in the Bible to preclude the existence of life on other planets.
  • They'd want to send missionaries. Note: almost all Christians, including Catholics, do not teach any religious doctrine of the sort, "Life exists only on Earth". That discovery would cause literally NO doctrinal alarm among Catholics. (It might cause OTHER sorts of alarm...)
  • They would organize groups to shove the religion down their throats.

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