• I would rather be well-liked. I don't really need to feel respected. I am amiable and amiable people care more about relationships than respect.
  • Give me all the respect I deserve. With respect people will want to be friends with me
  • Hello Jodie, WOW this one is tough. Having said that, as much as I strive to be respected in my profession I would have to go with being well-liked. If someone likes you then respect should follow. GREAT QUESTION!!!! :)
  • As long as I like and respect myself, I'm good.
  • Well-respected.
  • As long as I like and respect who's staring back at me in the mirror, nothing else matters.
  • I like being respected , though being well liked to me is more important -- Hi Jodie -- + 5
  • I think I've shown people that I respect them and that I deserve respect. But without being liked(loved) by my partner, family and friends...well, what's the point of life?
  • Depends on the situation. If it's a career/work situation, I'd rather be respected. In regular life and social situations, I'd rather be liked first and foremost, and hopefully respected as well. I learned a tough lesson in college when I became a manager at my job. I became the boss of all my former co-workers, and started out in the position trying to make everyone like me. It worked, but nobody was doing their job because I was too nice. Respect turned out to be better, even if I had to piss people off.
  • I'm going to take a slightly different angle on this excellent question. I do not like anyone whom I don't respect. Now I'll turn that around to say I would rather be well-respected. "Liking" someone seems more like a superficial assessment, while respecting them is rooted in appreciation of their character. Or I could be wrong!
  • I'd say well-liked, and hope some self-respect would keep me going long enough that they would soon realize they respected me too. And I just don't think it would be possible for me to like someone without respecting them. I just couldn't do it.
  • I must be dense or something. How can you be well-respected and not well-liked? Is it possible to respect someone and not like them?
  • Well-liked... :-)
  • for myself ..respected is good ...I have found the people who respect me also like me so for me its a win win situation
  • I like well-liked :D
  • I was a construction foreman in a high end company for many years. I wasn't always well liked, but was always well respected, and have a few magazine covers showing my work as proof. Would rather have my talent speak for me than anything else.
  • Well respected...there are many people I like that I don't have the most respect for. Having the respect is more important imo...I don't care if you don't like me.
  • Well respected. Why? Because people respect you for something - expertise, charisma, philanthropy, or something else. Being well liked means nothing as (most of) these people will never be your true friends.
  • Well respected. Why? For respect is important. Not everyone is going to like me, for that is their choice, but respect is something that is earned and I know that it isn't always easy to earn someone's respect as it is easy to like someone.
  • I'll go with well-respected, but the two aren't mutually exclusive.
  • I'd rather be respected. What is popular is rarely ever ethical, meaningful, or even remotely sensible. Popular people are rarely anything more but lemmings.
  • Another intriguing Jodie question. :) I'm going to choose well-respected. I have a hard time liking people that I don't respect, so the two sort of go hand in hand with me, but not always, of course. I like quite a few people that I don't necessarily respect, but do not disrespect, either, if that makes any sense. It would suck to be not liked, but for me, I think it's more important that I like 'myself'. If I do not respect myself, I cannot truly like myself. In the end, I have to live with myself longer and more constantly than with anyone else. Those 24 hours a day would be very miserable if I was beating myself up all the time. :)
  • well-respected... by far. doing the right thing doesn't always make you popular, and that is OK.
  • i would rather be well respected because from respect people could possibly learn to understand you and then maybe like you.
  • I would rather be well-respected. Anybody can like a person to a certain degree, but that doesn't mean he or she will get the respect that's needed to sustain a relationship.

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