• Nope. Not angry. Very happy.
  • No. Not particularly.
  • I bet i can piss you off! jk
  • Because I can't see my forehead. - Patrick Star :)
  • G'day Colorado Kid, Thank you for your question. At the moment, I am calm, cool and collected. Regards
  • No, so don't worry... I just get even. ;)
  • I rarely get angry
  • I wouldn't consider myself angry at the moment.
  • Not at the moment :)
  • I am angry because I feel forced to say goodbye to my favorite person. We weren't a good match and I'm going to miss him so much that the pain causes anger.
  • Yes! Because I love him so much and am too much of a coward to say it! ugh.
  • I am angry with what China is doing in Nepal!
  • Right now I'm angry but I know my lack of sleep has contributed to the emotion. I live in Ohio and we have been pounded with inches and inches of rain over the last 36 hours and I was up until 1 AM dealing with water in my basement. Up again at 4 AM to work on it again, so now I'm at the office worrying about what things will be like when I get home. Ugh.
    • Linda Joy
      Praying for you.
  • My horse just got beaten into second and I dropped my beer cheering him on.
  • No, but I'm hungry...and very tired!
  • Actually, right now I'm very angry! My dear 14 year old daughter got suspended for three days today because she got caught smoking! I guess it could be worse...another girl that was with her got caught with pot! Since the other girl got caught with it I got a drug test on the way home, which my daughter did not pass, but at least I can deal with it at home instead of whatever the school has to do with the other girl...I'm sure they have to notify the police and there will probably be probation involved along with the costs of probation that I just can't afford right now. So, yes, I'm pretty pissed off!
  • there's plenty to be angry about, mostly at the human race...sometimes i think any other species would be better...and it seems like the right thing to least for me
  • Yes. I am. You want to know why? No, you don't. And this is a terrible question. But fine, here's just item 1 from a list that'd probably be 30 items long: My IQ is abnormally high. RESULT: lifelong disappointment (exasperation, sense of disgust, etc) at how idiotic everyone around me seems (told ya you didn't want to know this). And that's just one! (it covers a lot though.)( You know...Trump, republicans, people thinking they're "open minded" by considering both candidates (instead of realizing the painfully obvious which is the guy doesnt matter, the party he's a figurehead for does) (WHY cant people see THAT at least? WHY??? WHY???????? --- Or how about forty years of republicans stealing democracy from us to exempt themselves from paying taxes, EMPLOYEES and obeying laws, yet you vote for them anyway. EXPLAIN THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what's tough about being me? It doesn't SEEM like I'm smarter than others, it just seems others are VERY FLUKKING DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...But hey really, why should I be pissed off just because daily I have to listen to complete MORONS telling me how smart they are, for wrecking everything I care about? Hmm?? Hell if anything I should be THANKING the Trumptards! THANK YOU TRUMP TARDS!! I DONT NEED TO EAT FOOD!!!! OR DRIVE!!! THANK YOU, YOU FLUKKING IDIOTS!!!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      But really, angry? me? NAH!! Dont be silly!
  • Hardly ever, and I stopped hitting when I got divorced.
    • Lilo Avli
      Stopped hitting what ?
  • Someone ate my last Easter egg.

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