• My neighbor came over drunk and mumbling which pisses me off to begin with, then wouldn't come out and say what he wanted. Mind you it was already after midnight! So he was wanting to borrow money and once I figured that out and gave him the money he still sat mumbling and I had to keep asking what and saying I can't understand you and after I asked a few questions about budgeting he had the nerve to ask me why was I being so hard on him! I became furious! I said you asked for money and I gave it to you! He could have left after I gave him the money but he didn't! I asked Did I ask you to fill out a loan application? he said no. I asked did I ask for interest on the loan? he answered no. I asked what's so hard about that?!! Then when I finally flat out asked him to leave he acted like he was going to try and talk me out of it! Little pisses me off more than someone in my own home not listening when I ask them to leave. I told him not to make me have to call the cops to get him out of my house! Then he started taking tiny Tim Conway's old man kind of steps towards my door!! I wanted to punch him in the back of the head to expedite his exit! Not listening and hearing and obeying when you say no! is one of the red flags for abuse and I don't tolerate it!
    • Rick Myres
      I hear that he would not have been in my house.
    • Linda Joy
      I try to love everyone like we are commanded to do, but some people are just harder to love than others! And its majorly my fault for being kind and loaning money. is
  • Right now, someone is all up in my business and I don't like it one bit.
  • My cat keeps pooping in the box but poop misses the box and goes outside the box...Grrrr. I guess She needs a bigger box huh? haha
    • Linda Joy
      HAHAHAHAHA! She needs bumper pads on the box! Hey for real, though they make absorbent pads (either disposable or washable) for people with incontinence to put on their beds that you could put under the box.
  • A Walmart employee yelled at me, barking orders telling me what to do...To make a long story short, that person is no longer a Walmart employee.
    • Linda Joy
      The way people demonize Walmart these days you may have done them a favor! People used to always assume I worked there. Even when I was wearing a uniform from another company! "Excuse me, could you tell me where the... Oh I'm sorry I thought you worked here!" I usually ended up telling them where it was anyway if it was my local store.
    • Azlotto
      "demonize" lol...My two ex-wives worked at Walmart.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah I got that one from axe77. He thinks everyone should demonize rich people. So... You've been married twice...
    • Azlotto
      "You've been married twice"...No, I've been married three times. My third wife (of 20+ years) is a keeper.
  • I got mildly irritated when I took a bitchy note off my door from management about fire safety. Instead of being informative and cordial they were scolding and condescending and threatening to terminate leases! That in itself is not unusual but what irritated me is the fact they just put kindling all around and up against the buildings for mulch! And the parking lot directly in front of my unit is always full of cigarette butts! (And nowhere in the note did it mention flicking butts) I'd say that's a little more concerning than many of the issues they addressed! Though all are important, and I'm thankful for the reminder. I just think when you run a business you should use a little more tact and common sense!

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