• the way you live your life. trying to make the best of what you have and improving your circumstances
  • it means that there is just breathing(living) then there is life meaning something... doing something meaningful to you with your well and happily etc.(quality of life)
  • I think Quality Of Life means living life (i.e. every moment) to the fullest. At first, you must be happy with Yourself and must satisfy your and your family`s needs. You must maintain good relationships, because without a family to give you love and a friend to have fun with, life is just breathing away. And as Buddha said "Life starts where fear ends", we must overcome those materialistic and social fears. We must love, we must believe and we must do :- Believe in the saying "Do what you Love, Love what you Do". And at last, our goal is to live in peace, i.e. peacefully. So "Maintain Peace Always".

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