• if i could have passed the asfab test i would be in the marines now. i would have been in there for 10 yrs by now and would retire from there. that is what i really wanted to do when i was 18 but i just could not pass the test. i am not good with tests but if they would have taken me and told me what to do i would have done it. i have asked if they could just take me with out taking the test but they said no so now i am pretty pissed that i could not go. i really wanted to
  • Today's infantry is far different than in the past. Anyone who chooses to do this is deserving of a great amount of respect. It will be those who volunteer to do a mission that others cower away from. Wars are not won by air and sea alone, some one has to get down and dirty as well as being brutal to achieve an objective and unfortunately it will be the infantrymen. Wars are won by slaughter and maneuver. Winston Churchill God help us all.
  • Being an infantry soldier is an honor that not everyone can bear, if you do, do it with pride. Remember, infantry is mud, blood and crud, the honor of it is most apparent when the smoke clears and you are still alive.
  • Nobody i respect more
  • I have respect for every person who steps forward and serves thier country. However, For the man who will step forward and say "I will accept the greatest risk", I have admiration. I joined the army with only one intent... to serve my country to my greatsest potential. I could have gone into any position in the army, all I had to was ask for it. I chose Infantry. Today's infantry is composed of some of the brightest and most capable soldiers in the army. These people choose it because they feel that it is the most demanding, physically and mentally. It can change a person by giving them more discipline than any other field. Most people have no idea of the professionalism and excellence that abounds in this field. I was promoted to sergeant which was for me the greatest honor the army could possibly bestow on me. It meant that I possesed, in thier eyes the honor, discipline and intelligence to train, care for and lead our sons into battle and bring them back safely. My Joes were amoung the finest people I've ever had the honor of knowing. Just because you choose infantry it doesn't mean you are going to die. If you are deployed your chances may be a little greater but todays wars aren't fought the same way they were. I would choose the infantry again in a heartbeat. When you serve in the infantry you will understand what difference it makes. Just be aware that it is more demanding than other fields. Good luck with whatever you chose.
  • My MOS's were 98B (Intel Analyst), 11B (Infantry), 11H (TOW Gunner) and 98G (Linguist). I have respect for, what we called "the bullet stoppers". I've spent my time on the front lines. I was the tactical intel liason and analyst for a RPD infantry unit. I respect your choice. But be prepared to kill and be killed. Let go of any bravado you have. I've seen too many kids lose bowel control and not be able to maintain in a firefight. Once your boots are on the ground, you have to be ready to remove emotion and think nothing but logic. One hard part will be seeing death. The hardest part will be coming home and letting go of what you've seen. Brother in arms, ALWAYS OUT FRONT!
  • as an infantryman for the past seven years i can honestly tell you there is no nobler profession than the infantry. yes there is a heightened risk of injury and death compared to other MOS's. but the training and cameraderie and discipline you gain from the infantry truly will last you a lifetime. there is no other job in the regular military i respect more than the grunts. now as for your parents, i can say this, their opinions may matter to you in this decision, however, ultimately it is your decision and your decision alone to make. nobody else's.
  • Both.... I respect them immensely for their self-sacrifice and their willingness to die for our country. But at the same time, I don't quite get the mentality of someone who is willing to be an infantryman and be a grunt (they ALWAYS get the short end of the stick...) It's something I would never do.
  • You won't be "throwing your life away". If you look at the statistics you'll see the vast majority survive without even been physically wounded. Front-line soldiering is a very respected profession, been willing to put yourself in a lot of danger to protect your country, and helping others. It's only the kids who think combat is all fun and like in fast-paced video games who are idiots, but they tend to quickly realise the reality. But if you're the patriotic type of guy, go for it.
  • normally I think serving your country is the best thing a young person can do, however, our current administration doesn't respect or value your life, so, I'd wait.
  • Hmm i dont know, its a yes and a no for me. Its really great to hear you want to defend your country because not many really care enough to protect their country but then again... you should just be a kid and do all your "kid" things
  • I always had mixed feelings about "bullet sponges". On the one hand, it is a necessary MOS and the backbone of our ground-pounding military. It takes guts. On the other hand, there are other ways to serve your country. I chose the Navy, specifically, nuclear propulsion. Some call it "the bravery of being out of range" but others (like me) see it as a way of doing your duty without wasting your talents in a job that is beneath you. There are plenty of other ways to serve, even on the front line. It all depends on your ASVAB scores. If you have the scores, choose a more technical MOS/rating and leave the grunt work to the patriotic youth that just didn't get the good grades in school.
  • Roan Away from home. Tank God for people like you. I wish you all the best
  • The only difference between a soldier, mercenary, and serial killer is the pension scheme. All three do the same thing essentially, but the legalities are different and soldiers get a parade. I understand why people would do all three as they hate certain types of people. But the need for soldiers is decreasing as we have drones and bots that can do the same thing for less money.
  • i think you should do what you want
  • Whoever wants to join, let them. May I suggest joining AmericorpsNCCC? You get to serve your country without leaving it and you don't half-to worry about putting your life on the line unless a "Spike" places you amidst a bad neighborhood. I did it back in 2008. I had fun, worked hard, worked out and experienced new things in new places.

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